The brother got a new webcam

So, I got to Skype with the family! It was kinda exciting because I actually got to see people on the screen. The last time I Skyped with my mum, the only face I got to see was one of those default Skype avatars. But this time, I even got to see my grandmother on the screen! And for a few minutes she thought that only they could see me on their end, and I couldn’t see them. Then after conversing for like, 10 minutes she started to wonder if I could hear what they were saying. Seriously, grandma? And then she abruptly announced that she was going to bed, so she left. Doh.

Anyway, the brother got some stylo-milo HD webcam, so the whole family was complaining how I looked blur on-screen. Dude, you had my face up on the TV screen, of course the image’s gonna be grainy.

I just looked up HD webcams on ebay, and the prices ranged from AUD$30 to AUD$60 something, with a million different specs. What’s the difference between a 720p and a 1080? Isn’t 720p not very HD-ish??


Going to bed now. Night.


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One thought on “The brother got a new webcam

  1. Daniel Carter July 18, 2011 at 3:39 am Reply

    Warning: Very boring content follows…

    720 is 50% less vertical resolution than 1080. Unfortunately, the looking ‘blur on-screen’ is probably more a function of Skype employing extreme compression, rather than of your video resolution.

    “HD” is anything substantially above traditional analogue TV broadcast resolution (which under PAL is around 480 usable lines).

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