Of white dresses and veils

Guests getting seated

I got to attend another Australian wedding. And did I mention how surreal it is to attend a wedding of someone you know that is not a friend of your parents’? As far as I can vaguely remember, most of the weddings I’ve attended (maybe, about… say… 90%) are mostly of family friends or friends of parents. Have we reached that age? I feel old.

Purple camera for me

The lovely wedding was held in the Adelaide Hills, Littlehampton, about 45 minutes to an hour’s drive from Adelaide. Guests were encouraged to take these little colourful disposable cameras to snap away during the wedding. I had a little purple one. I thought it was a lovely touch. Your own wedding from your guests’ point of view. I’d think there’ll be bound to be lots of lovely pictures, moments which you might not have been aware of.

Here comes the bride

Despite the weather being cranky with light drizzles, the sun would show its face on and off, it was such a lovely place to have a wedding. I’ve never attended an outdoor wedding before, so, I couldn’t help but to be amused.

What's more romantic than a teary groom?

There were tears as the bride came in, then more tears during the exchange of rings and reading of vows. Loud exclamations of ‘Awwww’s were heard from everyone. The groom kept stumbling on his words because he was so emotional that day, what a softie. Haha.

After the ceremony was over, the drizzles stopped, and the sun decided to stay out to play. All in all, a good day.

And just like the western weddings I’ve seen on TV, food, speeches, first dances, cake cutting (real wedding cakes! Singapore weddings rarely have real wedding cakes, they’re all fake), and bouquet tossing happened. Wedding papers signed. Hugs and congratulations were exchanged.

Kiss for the camera

I had fun. It was a really intimate wedding, and everyone was happy. Awww so sweet!

Groom, groom's mum and groom's brother

Bride, bridesmaids and bride's mum

Australia has such picturesque places for weddings. With that, I shall leave you with a picture of Hills aiming her purple disposable camera at me.


I kinda want to see the pictures from the disposable cameras turn out.


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2 thoughts on “Of white dresses and veils

  1. Daniel Carter (@dansync) October 15, 2011 at 11:12 pm Reply

    Disposable cameras at weddings appears to be becoming a trend… I think it’s a very nice idea. I’d definitely want to do that.

    I think not only the bride and groom but all of the guests would melt if they were to be wed outdoors in Singapore. At least that’s what I think, and I’m in Singapore right now.

  2. Dexter Salvatore November 3, 2011 at 8:15 am Reply

    Great stuff and extremely informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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