Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Jun!

Birthday surprises are always fun. When you’re the one involved in the surprise. Haha.

Birthday macarons

Making a birthday wish

The birthday macarons

The surprise involved dinner, then a movie, then stalling for time whilst waiting for midnight to come. And then realising that the candles were in the kitchen where the birthday girl was. But everything worked out in the end! Surprise success?

Speechies, yay!

Dinner by the Torrens river.

Slow cooked beef with paste somethingsomething, sugar snap peas, beet root relish and parsnip chips

Bday girl with her crab linguine

AA's hairy raspberry

Dessert came with a 'Happy Birthday'

Here on I present to you a morbid story…

Happy family portrait. Note not-very-heart-shape heart around them

More playing with food

And then the heart got smudged

And then...

The end

So tragic. This is why AA shouldn’t be allowed to play with food.


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