The Eggless Halloween

At Eggless

The special Halloween menu for the night

My main purpose that night was to try their peanut butter pie thing. Eggless changes their menu monthly, and it was the last opportunity for me to try it before they changed their menu. And when we got there, they had this whole special menu thing for Halloween!

Ghosts and spider webs hanging from lights

I like how the whole place was decorated for the occasion and even all the staff was dressed up. Those who came dressed up got 10% off. We obviously didn’t, I wasn’t even aware of the whole Halloween thing going on at Eggless (I just wanted that peanut butter pie thing!)

Get served by a zombie, pirate, mummy, vampire, maid and umm... a surgeon?

Sash's Bloody Waffles

My peanut butter pie thing

We were warned that the spiders were not edible when we were served our orders.

Sash trying to eat her spider which was attacking her chocolate sauce

My peanut butter pie thing is called the peanut butter pie thing because I can’t remember what the exact name was. Hehe. It was yummy though! It’s like a Reeses’ peanut butter cup in a cake form! And the waffle was good too, I like their raspberry sorbet 🙂

We were given lollies when we got up to pay, and the boss advised us against dressing up as mummies because it can get pretty warm under those layers of bandages. Haha.

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One thought on “The Eggless Halloween

  1. mymatejoechip November 3, 2011 at 8:38 pm Reply

    good it is safer to be eggless. be very careful with eggs:

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