Just an ordinary afternoon

The grandma went outside to take in the laundry, but she spent ages outside. When I went out to look for her, she told me that someone had fallen onto the roof below. My first reaction was… WHAT?? Wouldn’t there be blood and guts everywhere then? EEEW! And then she told me that he was still alive.

Bird's eye view

Waiting for the firemen to get him down

And he was still alive and moving. But it looked like he broke his legs. By this time, there was a small crowd and people from the neighbouring blocks were also peeking out from the corridor.

I wonder what happened. How does one manage to get themselves on the roof of a covered walkway?? I was speculating what happened with my grandma. Did he jump? Did he drop something and was trying to get it and then fall? Did someone push him? WHAT WAS HE DOING ON THE ROOF??

That was my afternoon whilst I was being a bum.

The end.


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