Tasmania in the summer (Part 2)

Fruit farm!

Day three in Tasmania was spent between Sorell Fruit Farm and Port Arthur.

We headed out bright and early, and our first stop was the Sorell Fruit Farm as it was on our way to Port Arther. At the fruit farm, you pay for a punnet and you get to stuff as many fruits as you can into it and bring home. You get to pick whatever fruits that were in season at the time. While we were there, heaps of berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and berries names I can’t remember), peaches and cherries were in season.


The cherries were the yummiest and the most difficult to pick. All the good ones were high up in the tree, it required teamwork. One person to hold down the branch, the other to pick the cherries. But we weren’t very tall people, so our cherry picking potentials were hindered. Anyways, the best part about fruit picking? You can just stand there and pick the fruits off the branches and just eat them right there and then. And then when you’re full, just pick more and put them in that punnet and head off. Noms.

From the river

Next off, Port Arthur. Port Arthur used to be an old convict site. It had prison facilities for both grown men and boys. They had an interesting concept of using the river to separate the men from the boys, to prevent the men from influencing the boys with their bad habits, causing them to become worse criminals. At Port Arthur, they have different admission packages – bronze, silver, gold. Obviously the gold one would give you the most access to the exhibits, which were mostly offshore islands. The islands where the boys were, and where the graveyard was. Each had its own tour explaining what had happened in that area and what they think it was used for. All the packages include a boat cruise though, making a round about the islands and then back to the mainland again.

The prison from the river

I think we took the bronze package and paid a little extra to get onto the island where the boys were held. The tour guide takes you around the place, shows you maps and drawings of what the place used to be like, and explain how the life of the boys were like, the reward system, where they slept/worked blablabla.

Afterwhich, we returned to the mainland and we were allowed to explore the whole of it. So you got to visit the prison, the prison officier’s lodge, the doctor’s lodge, the church and blablabla. We unfortunately didn’t get to cover everything because they were closing. They close at about 5pm. Sigh Australia, why does everything close so early? 😦

Inside the prison

The prison has two levels

I really liked the church. It was pretty, it looked like something that would come out from a Kpop music video.

Looking into the church

Although only its wall is left, the lush green grass, plus the little white flowers were so pretty and romantic. I was telling my friends that I thought it was a lovely place to take wedding pictures. And then a group of prom kids showed up and kinda just broke the tranquility of the place.

And... a shot of WZ. Haha

After that it was burgers at… I think it was Burger Got Soul, some bubble tea and then sleep.



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One thought on “Tasmania in the summer (Part 2)

  1. Dan C February 24, 2012 at 9:44 pm Reply

    I have memories of carols by candlelight as a 7 year-old in that church =)

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