Tasmania in the summer (Part 3)

Day 4 was spent on Bruny Island. Where the population is 600 and the island is about the size of Singapore. Singapore, is a country with a population of about 5 million. I reckoned that we could fit the whole Bruny Island’s population in one of our HDB buildings and maybe still have room to spare.

Driving onto the ferry

You can get to Bruny Island from Hobart via ferry. You drive your car onto the ferry and you pay a price according to what you’re driving, regardless of how many people’s in the car. After a short ferry ride, you’re on Bruny Island!

Our main objective was to get to the lighthouse, which was on the other side of the island. The roads on Bruny Island are really easy to navigate and it’s not easy to get lost because, it’s basically one main road that goes about the whole island with the occasional turn. The most, you stick to the same road and make a round about the island. It’s not that big anyway.

Lighthouse ahead

A short 2 minute hike up, you reach the lighthouse which was in use until recently when a new one was built. But you get to read the history about how it used to be run by this family and the grand daughter (or maybe great grand daughter?) of the original lighthouse keeper switched the lighthouse off for the last time.

After that we drove off to what was known as “The Neck“.

The view

After climbing what seemed to be like a million stairs up, you get a 360 degree view of the area. Really pretty. And it was also a spot where you get to see the penguins come home from the sea (in the evening), amongst other things.


On the way back to the ferry terminal, we stopped for fresh oysters.

Fresh oysters!

Been trying to convince my mum to head over for a short trip to Tassie, this was what she missed out! Big fat oysters. Tsk tsk. I got myself a Cascade juice, which was super yummy and I wished we had them in Adelaide too. The Cascade drinks that we get in Adelaide are the sparkling juices, and I’m not really a fan of fizzy drinks.


Unfortunately, those were the only few places we visited whilst on Bruny Island. We spent most of the time on the windy dirt roads of the island. Soon it got dark, and the weather wasn’t really holding up. During our wait at the ferry terminal, it started to pour. In fact, while we were waiting, we could literally see the gloomy clouds making its way from the mainland to Bruny Island. Fortunately, we got to see what we wanted to see on the island before the pouring started and the sun was out in full force most of the day.


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