Tasmania in the summer (Part 4)

View from Mount Wellington

All I remember from day 5 was that we went up Mount Wellington and then meeting Dan C for dinner and desserts. I apologise for the poorly stitched panorama shot of the view from Mount Wellington, plus it was a gloomy day. When we got to the peak, it was so cloudy we couldn’t see anything. We were practically in the clouds, literally. And it was crazy windy. It was a quick rush out of the car, quick snaps snaps and then back into the car. Down the mountain, look for a spot with less clouds and trees, snap snap and then back down the mountain again.

After that we went to meet Dan C for dinner. And I was welcomed to Hobart with a bottle of Ribena (thank you!). It seems my addiction to Ribena is also well known interstate and possibly internationally amongst friends of friends of friends… Hmm. (PS. Dan C, that bottle of Ribena’s almost gone.)

After dinner I was then presented with a Momo mug (Momo is Hobart’s only bubble tea store?) and a roll of slide film (thank you)! Yay for slide film and cross processing! And thanks Dan C for meeting up with us and suggesting places we should try to visit. 🙂

Day 6 was spent in Richmond, a small town just out of Hobart.

What Hobart used to look like

Richmond is this really cool place where a miniature replica of what Hobart used to look like, is located. Everything was made to scale of… I can’t remember. But it was really interesting to compare the pictures of present day Hobart with the miniature structures.

Man killing a kangaroo in the background

While it may be interesting for adults to read about the history of the city and how it has changed, there’s this little activity for kids (actually anyone) who visit to spot 5 different figures located in different areas of the structure. Lady and a snake, a boy falling out of a tree, man killing a kangaroo blablabla. I found all 5! Anyone who finds all 5 gets a sticker! I got a sticker!

Old Hobart

I took awhile to find the last one, but several rounds about the area and a sharp eye, we found them all! At the end of the day, a few of us were exchange hints with the other visitors as to where the figures were located. Hehe.

Mini Hobart

Next, we visited a tea room with a huge maze attached. For a fee of about AUD$3, you get to play in both mazes and stay for as long as you want. Or get lost in there for as long as you want.

How the maze looks like on Google earth

There were 2 mazes. One’s suppose to be easier than the other. When you find both centres, you get a lolly from the shop.

The aim

Actually we had a harder time looking for the centre of the dark painted maze. Half way through, we gave up and went to the harder maze. Found the centre of that maze, and then returned to the dark painted maze again to look for its centre.

Maze 1

The maze is really tall, so it wasn’t like you could just look over the top and try to figure your way out. A few kids climbed the fence to peek or crawled under them. There was one family that we kept bumping into, and they kinda got separated. The daughter was with her mum, but her brother kinda disappeared. So every time we bumped into them, the girl would ask if we’ve seen her brother. She would always describe him as the one with the huge Nikon camera. When we found the centre of the 2nd maze, we also found her brother, who had found the centre of the maze but couldn’t find his way to get away from the centre of the maze. So he was just going in circles. We conveyed his sister’s message to him and point him the way out. He left first.

Maze 2

We went back to the 1st maze, and failed to find its centre yet again. Exasperated, we returned to the tea room to ask how the centre looked like. The lady at the counter told us it was a triangle of mirrors. And we headed back into the maze, after making a few circles, we finally  found the centre. On the way to the centre, we bumped into the girl and her mother yet again. They told us they were lost and were looking for the exit, we told them to follow us, but they didn’t and thus they remained lost in the maze. We walked a little bit more, and found the brother, who was still lost. Told him to follow us and we all exited the maze. When we got out, we told him that his sister and mother were still in the maze. He nodded and waited.

At the centre of Maze 2

When we finished the mazes, the tea room started getting busy. So we waited by the side for the queue to shorten and we got our lollies. Just as we finished our lollies, guess who emerged from the maze? The sister and her mother! We snickered quietly to ourselves and gave each other knowing nods that said that they should’ve followed us when we offered to guide them out.

The rest of the day was just spent wandering about Richmond. In and out of the various churches, crossing an old bridge, and visiting old prison buildings. Eating at bakeries, inhaling curried scallop pies and Cascade juices. Yums.

In one of the churches

We flew back to Adelaide the next day.

Tasmania was crazy pretty. Really scenic and it doesn’t get very hot in summer. Big plus for me (not a fan of summer heat). Maybe in the future I’ll be able to travel further north to Launceston, Cradle Mountain and such.


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