A singing barista

There is nothing like a good brunch to fill your tummy!

Red Door Bakery

Sash and I went there close-ish to closing time. By then, there weren’t many things left, the display shelves were mostly empty. 😦

The people there were really nice and friendly. The barista above posed and smiled for me when she saw me snapping pictures, I didn’t even ask. She was so nice. She also started singing Auld Lang Syne awhile later whilst brewing coffee for another table.

Ice coffee

I got an ice coffee and a massaman angus beef pie.

Massaman angus beef pie

I would’ve preferred to try their original/traditional angus beef pie, but there were none left. And during the time we were sitting there enjoying our pies, the other remaining pies were quickly sold out. Lesson learnt: Get there early!

Sash's verdict

I liked my pie. And the coffee was good too. Sash had an ice chocolate and she loved the chocolate ice cream they used. I tried to get her to ask them where they got their ice cream from (did they make it themselves or sourced from elsewhere), but she didn’t. It shall forever remain a mystery then.

I’ve already decided what I’ll be getting the next time I’m back – Traditional angus beef pie and a sausage roll!

Sash’s perspective on things: click here

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2 thoughts on “A singing barista

  1. Eli March 24, 2012 at 7:47 pm Reply

    They make their own ice cream, I’m thinking of asking if they sell it! Red Door is pretty much my favourite place in the world…and yes, you do need to get in early!

    • Laine March 24, 2012 at 8:52 pm Reply

      Let me know when you find out! 🙂

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