‘Let’s get fat’ List – Melbourne edition

Recently we had a ‘Let’s get fat’ List for Adelaide, which is a list of eating places Sash and I would like to try out in Adelaide over the year. Guess what? We came up with another list for Melbourne because we are currently in Melbourne for our Easter mid-semester break. Diet? What diet? We gonna be so round… 

Anyway, here’s the list. I doubt we’d be able to cover all of them… but we’ll try.


  1. Mart 130
  2. Deadman’s Espresso
  3. Crafternoon Cafe
  4. Earls Canteen
  5. Proud Mary’s
  6. 3 Bags Full
  7. Brother Baba Budan
  8. Bomb Cafe


  1. Seamstress
  2. Sushi Ten
  3. Izakaya Den
  4. Sushi Burger
  5. Huxtaburger
  6. Greasy Joes
  7. Mrs Parmas
  8. Ying Thai 2
  9. My Mexican Cousin
  10. The Palace/Guhng/Gung


  1. Baker D.Chirico
  2. Vonhaus
  3. Maxim’s eggtarts
  4. Fraus
  5. Waffle Cart

I’ve even organised them to breakfast, lunch/dinner and miscellaneous places! According to Sash, that’s dedication. I love my food. It’s even colour-coded and everything on our Google Docs file. Hehehe.

Last update: 26 October 2012

Check out the updated list HERE


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