Mmm… meat


Continuing where we left off on our Adelaide list, next up is Lawash Bakery! Although it’s known as Lavash Bakery on Urbanspoon, we were a little confused.

The spread

It was one of those nights, where we didn’t feel like cooking at home, so we headed out. There were 3 of us, so we decided, why not order three different meats to try, right? Wrong, we struggled to finish everything. It may not look all that filling, but really, it is.

The three meats were chicken, beef and tikka (I think). The most popular one amongst the 3 of us was the beef/tikka. Basically, what I think you’re suppose to do is… Take a little bit of meat, place it in the bread, put some of the tzatziki sauce, some veggies, tear the bread off and pop it into your mouth. Yums. I loved the tzatziki sauce and just kept piling it on. Because the kebabs tasted so good, we guessed that the yiros there must be just as good too. Might return there again to try. Hmmm.

Birdsnest & baklava pastries

An article online wrote to try their birdsnest pastry. Since we were all so full from dinner, we took the dessert pastries back home with us. It’s really sweet, just the way I like my desserts. Hehe. We all thought both the birdsnest and baklava tasted the same, the only difference was their appearance. But tasty nonetheless!

Lavash Bakery Kabab Shop on Urbanspoon


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