Crepes? Yes, please.


We are back from Melbourne! And we totally failed to complete our Melbourne List. 😦 We had like what… 20 places on our list and we only managed to covered 8, maybe? Not even half the list. And who said we could finish it huh? Huh? HUH? Who was being snide at me for claiming that we couldn’t finish the list because there were too many and that I was just being negative (I was really just being realistic)? Huh?! Sigh. I blame you, Sash, for failing to wake up and get a moving! Tsk tsk.

Anyway, kicking off our Melbourne ‘Let’s get fat’ List with Fraus! Fraus is known for their crepes, so that was the main thing we were aiming for whilst we were there. The one that we’ve heard raves about, was the smoke salmon one.


We were kinda groggy from the 8~9 hour drive from Adelaide to Melbourne, and it was our first meal of the day (we had travelled through the night).

When we got there, their little blackboards claimed that we should try their award winning pies as well.

Beef pie

Smoked salmon crepe

So Sash and I got a smoked salmon and a beef pie to share so that we could taste a little bit of both. The pie was alright, it wasn’t really super fantastic and worth shouting about. Like, the next time I return to Melbourne again, it wouldn’t be on the list of things that I would like to most definitely have again. The smoke salmon crepe on the other hand, was really yummy, and I thought worth the money as well spent since they really pile up your plate, and half a portion of it was enough to fill me up. Think the both of us had trouble finishing all the crepe, but we managed to finish the rest of the ingredients.

Sash & her cousin

We also caught up with Sash’s cousin, who kindly lent me her myki to tram about Melbourne. Thank you! I hope you had fun in Sydney with your friends 🙂


And also DL! Your picture turned out blurry 😦 What a waste, I thought this was a really nice picture of you. 😦

Café Fräus Crêpes & Chocolat on Urbanspoon


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