Just tarts


The Melbourne trip started out in full force. It was mainly a catch up trip for Sash, as she has a couple of friends in Melbourne. And I… kinda, I guess just made new friends while I was there. Haha.

Egg tarts

Some of the things I take for granted before leaving Singapore, one of them are egg tarts. It is so common, and so easily accessible in Singapore, that really, I didn’t really appreciate them that much. When I was in Singapore, I don’t go… ‘I want to eat egg tarts.’ Now, when I see egg tarts in Australia, I’m all… ‘Omg, EGG TARTS!’.

My family and I had a massive overload of egg tarts (amongst other things) many years back when we visited family in Hong Kong. They were so enthusiastic about bringing us about for Dim Sum (at like, 6~7am in the morning, zzz), feeding us with anything we mentioned in passing that we liked (one of which was egg tarts, mentioned by my cousin, which she later regretted because we started having egg tarts at every single meal). When we got back to Singapore, we avoided Dim Sum (aka. yumcha in Australia) for several years. We only just got back to having Dim Sum again these past few years.


The egg tart was good, pastry nice and light. It wasn’t sickeningly sweet, it was at the just-nice level, which was good. Or bad. Depending. I just like really sweet stuff in general. I honestly, preferred their egg tarts to Breadtop’s. I get so confused, I always want to call it Breadtalk (what it’s known as in Singapore).

Sash also picked up a sausage roll, which was okay. It tasted like any other sausage roll. Hmm.

Maxims Cakes and Pastry on Urbanspoon


We found DL, who was with a friend and on a massive shopping spree. The amount of shopping bags he had… goodness.

Getting new shoes

Sash wanted to get a photo of DL shopping because… well, DL never shops. She always sees him in the same clothes. It’s kinda like a cycle.


You can’t see my eyes, but I’ve recently trimmed my fringe so my eyes can be seen again now! Hehe.


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2 thoughts on “Just tarts

  1. Daniel Carter (@dansync) April 28, 2012 at 8:11 pm Reply

    There’s a Maxim’s shop in Melbourne???

    • Laine April 29, 2012 at 3:56 am Reply

      As far as I know… they’ve been there a long time! Haha. Where else has Maxism’s shops?

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