I found number one


One of the many things I like to order at Thai places is tomyum and some sort of curry. We headed over to Ying Thai 2 during one of our nights in Melbourne. We’ve heard many things about the place and about how good the food is. But recently we’ve also heard that the food there is no longer as good as before. But this, I will never know because I’ve never been there before their standard started to deteriorate.

Sash and Gohlini

Gohlini took time out of her busy schedule to have dinner for us. And she was way more enthusiastic about completing and taking photos of food for our Melbourne List of places to eat at.

Green curry

Other than green curry and tomyum, we also had crispy pork skin, which was something that Gohlini insisted that we try. And it was good! Although I didn’t get a picture of it because lighting was so bad, everything turned out blurry and dark. Everything was gone from the table pretty quick. So I guess that means the food is still yummy!

For the longest time I wondered why the place was called Ying Thai 2, I asked around and no one knew if there was a Ying Thai 1. Well guys, there is a Ying Thai 1. I accidentally found it the following day whilst walking down a street looking for one of the cafes on our list. Haha.

Ying Thai 2 on Urbanspoon


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