Cheeky names & beer

Cheeky rascal

Mrs Parmas is a micro brewery which also specialises in Parmagiana’s. Parmagiana’s are possibly Australia’s favorite pub meal. We originally wanted to go somewhere else, but because we were in Melbourne over the Easter weekend, a lot of places were closed, so we headed over to Mrs Parma’s instead, since we knew for sure that they were open.

Bubbly beers

Order up

Mrs Parma’s has a whole range of beers which they rotate about on tap. Head up to the bar, describe to the bartender what sort of beer you like (light, dry etc) and they’ll recommend you something, take a taste and then decide which beer you would like to have for the night.

Sash with a bottle that was resting on our table telling you about beer

The place fills up really quick, probably a good idea to head over early. When we got there we had to wait for a little bit for a table. But it wasn’t really a long wait. Plus the staff were really patient and helpful during the wait.

Meatball parma

Another thing we had to order, other than their beers, were their parmas. Note of caution, their parmas are huge.


Sash and I shared a portion and we couldn’t finish it. But it was yummy with all the cheesy goodness. Mmm…

Salad and chips come with their parmas

A burger

Another friend ordered a burger, which according to him was pretty good too.


All photo credits go to Gohlini!

Mrs Parma's on Urbanspoon


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