Quaint cafes and such

Although it can be difficult to get up for a good brunch, I have yet to leave a brunch place disappointed.

Ice mocha

Whilst in Melbourne, I headed over to Brother Baba Budan since a friend said it was a nice little place with good coffee.

Brother Baba Budan

While I was sitting there waiting for my ice mocha, several groups of office people came in to order their usual coffee, and then there were small different clusters of people sitting at the big table by the window catching up, reading a magazine or just plain ol’ people watching.

Some cakes/pastries available

Another thing I like about the place was the music they played there. It made me never want to leave and/or steal their playlist.

Busy busy

Service was quick and really friendly. Coffee was good, atmosphere was good. All’s good. Haha. It seems to serve mainly as a coffee place than a brunch, brunch place though, they only had a small collection of cakes/pastries to choose from. And there wasn’t many seats. Most of the people who dropped by the cafe whilst I was there ordered a coffee-to-go. It can get pretty crowded, I was lucky to get a seat (without having to pull one down from the ceiling).

Brother Baba Budan on Urbanspoon


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