Bright windows

I got lazy. So there wasn’t a post last Saturday. What can I say, I am a lazy person. Hehe. And also for awhile, I was completely addicted to Vampire Diaries, finished the first season in 2 days. And now, I think the novelty of finding a new show to watch has died down. Sure, I want know what’s going to happen next, yet, at the same time, I can’t be bothered to watch it. Plain laziness I think. Oh goodness.

Anyway, moving on…

3 Bags Full – Cake counter

3 Bags Full has two counters. The counter where all their goodies are displayed (cakes, sandwiches etc) and the counter where all the drinks are made.

Service was quick and attentive. The moment I walked in and sat down, I was quickly brought a menu and table water.

Ice mocha & carrot cake


Unfortunately, I went in pretty late and could only order from their selection of whatever was left in the display cases. I got a carrot cake and ice mocha, then pinched a newspaper.

Bright windows & goodies for sale

I love the tall bright windows that let the natural sunlight in.

Um, yeah.

I like the chillax atmosphere and enjoyed their coffee and cake. I didn’t manage to finish my ice mocha though, I was so full that I thought that the drink was going to start oozing from my nostrils. Last I checked, it’s not a very pretty sight to behold.

I am still writing about the places I’ve been to whilst in Melbourne? Why am I so slow? The Melbourne trip was ages ago! Gah.

Three Bags Full on Urbanspoon


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