The burger cult

The Burger Theory truck!

For ages, and ages, and ages, I’ve been wanting to try out Burger Theory. I don’t even remember how I found out about them. But I wanted to try their burgers. I’ve told this to many, many people about how I want to try out their burgers. Know what happened? They all went off and tried their burgers… WITHOUT ME.  Y’know what else? They even take pictures of themselves, enjoying the burgers, and send them to me. Gee, thanks guys. So much for friendship huh! What is this?! Uh hm. I am calm.

Again, the same pose

As soon I got back to Adelaide, I’ve been stalking their whereabouts. This was during summer, which is like… 2 seasons ago. And I’m only writing this now. Omg, I am slow. And I digress. It was so difficult to catch them because of all the different festivals that they were going to be at, which I wasn’t attending. Sigh.

Burger #1

Burger #2 (mine!)

Okay, I’m pretty sure I got the burgers right. I hope I didn’t get them mixed up. But basically, you choose which burger you want, 1 or 2. You’ll be handed a buzzer thing and then it’ll buzz and vibrate when your order’s ready. Simple!

Everyone was just picnicking on the grass patch whilst enjoying the burgers.



Sash isn’t a fan of onions, and burger #1 has caramelised onions in them, they were so well done that even an onion-hater (yes, I am calling you an onion-hater now) liked it. I think I might have inhaled my burger. It was so yummy. Omg, thinking about it is making me hungry now.

Stuffing my face

Stuffing her face

While we were waiting for our order, there was this boy with a polaroid camera telling his friend about Burger Theory. And he basically said that Burger Theory essentially has a cult following that just follows them everywhere they went. Which I guess seems true to certain extent. Anywhere with awesome food would eventually develop a cult following… no? I mean I would frequent a place with good food, right? He said some other things as well, but I forgot. Hehe. Memory, fail.

Apparently, they now have a diner called Pearl’s Diner and I am excited to visit!

Burger Theory on Urbanspoon


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One thought on “The burger cult

  1. JASMINE June 30, 2012 at 2:17 pm Reply

    so nice to sit on the grass and eat without sweat or yucky bums after

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