Had enough burgers yet?

This happened ages ago, but I am slow. So… Here’s a huge congratulations to Hills! You are now a graduate! 🙂

The graduate

Although we weren’t invited, Sash and I decided to crash Hills’ graduation. Of course we weren’t able to attend the ceremony without a ticket (and gets a little boring just listening to names read out and people walking up to collect their certs), so we were hoping to catch her before she had to go in. We were obviously too slow, all we got to witness was her walking into the hall with us screaming her name from behind the tape. Is this how fans feel like when they’re screaming out their idol’s name to get their attention? No? Anyway, it was off to Brighton for lunch instead of waiting around uni.


At first, we were going to head to a brunch place in Brighton, which we had been to before with friends. But then we drove past E’nuf Burger Bar and decided to have lunch there instead since it was on our list.

Fresh veggies

I think my burger was called Just E’nuf (beef) and Sash got a lamb burger.


We deliberately ordered ours as takeaways although we were going to dine, as we thought that when ordered as a take away it would have been all wrapped up into a little bag or something. Making it easier to eat it with hands (less mess!). But we were wrong, it came in little boxes. After multiple attempts to eat from the box, we gave up and asked for a plate and some cutlery.


And the plate and cutlery is really a board and a wooden fork & knife. I struggled to fit the burger into my mouth without having to unhinge it. It was a messy, messy meal with ingredients falling out everywhere. Not my most glamourous moment.

I thought the burgers were nice and juicy. However, when compared to say… Fancy Burger and Burger Theory, I preferred Fancy Burger and Burger Theory because they had yummy sauces to go with them. E’nuf Burgers (or at least mine) didn’t have any kind of sauce in their burgers to add that little extra kick. Overall, I still enjoyed their burgers though!

Enuf Burger Bar on Urbanspoon


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