Pho? Fur?

Whilst in Adelaide, I’ve only ever tried one Vietnamese restaurant. And in that restaurant, I’ve only ever had 2 things and I kinda just rotate between the two whenever I’m there. So here’s to expanding my horizons! Haha.

I got to know of this place from one of my clients at placement. Apparently he prefers the pho here than to the place I’ve been frequenting. If a Vietnamese person tells you that a certain restaurant serves good authentic Vietnamese food, you go check it out. I obviously proceeded to grab my friends to check out the place.


This restaurant is just opposite Yen Linh, which is where I’ve been going whenever a Vietnamese food craving strikes.


Pho with sliced beef

This place only has pho. It doesn’t have the other Vietnamese dishes that other restaurants have. They just specialise in pho. So they’ve got pho with various kinds of beef. Sliced raw beef, well done sliced beef, beef balls, beef tendons, tripe blablabla etc. Just pick what you like.

The day we decide to have something warm and soupy, the weather decides to be all warm and sunny. Pft. Everybody knows the best time to have a soupy dish is when it’s cold and miserable!

Piping hot pho

Anyway, I digress. All in all, I thought the broth was comparable to Yen Linh’s, they taste almost the same. Maybe just a tad bit sweeter. So I liked it. But the portions a little bit smaller compared to Yen Linh’s. Then again, the pho here is cheaper, so that might be why. I also got myself a cup of their filtered coffee, which was yummy.

Pho 75 on Urbanspoon


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