Unreal meat pieces

I am a little bit of a bubble tea addict. Just a little bit. Whenever I happen to be in Chinatown, I would definitely get myself a cup of bubble tea. Who doesn’t enjoy chewing those little pearls? A friend who got wind of my addiction, asked if I’ve tried Thea’s bubble tea. They were suppose to be really good. And when Sash googled the place, it told us that it was a place that served Taiwanese food, so we arranged to have lunch there with DL.

What I got

DL got there before we did, and told us that the place was really a place that served vegetarian food. We have nothing against vegetarian food, but was just a little surprised that we didn’t find out about this while googling the place. We went in anyway.

What Sash got

We sat there, taking a relatively long time deciding on what to get. We were still trying to process that it was a vegetarian place and had no idea what to get.

My bubble tea. They didn’t have pearls 😦

In the end, I ordered one of their Thea bowls and teas, and Sash one of their cutlets with rice and veggies. I forgot what David got. Why don’t I have a picture of it? Hmm.

Anyway, the food was so-so. In fact, I was a little disappointed with their food. Maybe because it was a little bit hyped up from what I’ve read online. The food tasted like something I could have easily whipped up at home. It wasn’t even because it was vegetarian food that disappointed us, it just didn’t taste yummy. And vegetarian food can taste fantastic, just not at Thea. Even the tea was average. Nothing special, I think I might prefer Qubic in Chinatown, Thea did have pearls for their bubble tea. Isn’t that one of the basics of bubble tea? 😦 Or are pearls not vegan friendly so it was omitted from the menu? Unfortunately, this is the first place on our list which left us disappointed at the end of the meal.

Thea Tea Shop on Urbanspoon

Afterwards we headed over to Central Market for our weekly grocery shopping and DL got excited over a fish shaped icecream and insisted on having one.

Fish shape pastry with cookies & cream icecream inside


And I stole a bite. Nom.

Nom nom.


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2 thoughts on “Unreal meat pieces

  1. Dan C July 26, 2012 at 12:21 am Reply

    Sorry for talking it up so much!

    I did go there the last time I was in Adelaide and it wasn’t quite as stupendous as I had been telling myself it was… also was very small.

    • Laine July 26, 2012 at 11:59 pm Reply

      Nah it’s alright! I’ve heard from other places that it’s suppose to be good too, but it wasn’t as good as it seems. Not your fault!

      Another friend said their usual chef went away for awhile, so maybe that’s why the food wasn’t as good. :/

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