Fuzzy tea cosies

I had to google how to spell the plural form of cosy. Cosies looked a little bit weird to me so I googled. Cozies? Cosys? Cosies?

Artisan Cafe

Hills always complained about how Sash and I always go on these amazing food adventures without her, and about how left out she feels. Therefore, we booked her way in advance so that we could have brunch together at one of the cafes on our list. This time, it was the Artisan Cafe in Blackwood.

Sash and I had a haitus for a little while, and we somehow stopped pushing to visit the places on our list. We got lazy, unmotivated maybe. And somehow we’ve managed to get the momentum going again.

Again, we sat there staring at the menu for the longest time. Everything sounded really yummy, I decided on a smoked salmon quiche, Hills, a poached egg on cheesy toast and Sash, grilled salmon which was on their specials board. And then I was told that they didn’t have the smoked salmon quiche, so I had to switch to a smoke salmon omelette.

Smoked salmon omelette

Poached egg on cheesy toast

Grilled salmon

My omelette looked miserable on the huge plate. It looked like a tiny lonely yellow tube on a big white plate. Hills’ toast looked yummy and so did Sash’s. But the omelette wasn’t too bad, in fact by the time I got to the last quarter of the omelette I was sick of eggs. I didn’t even finish it. Hill’s toast was good, she wiped out the whole plate, Sash’s grilled salmon had a lovely sauce (my favourite part of the dish) although the salmon was a tad dry.

Hills’ tea cosy

We also each got a drink, Hills: tea, Sash: ice chocolate, me: ice mocha.

Hills’ teapot came with a giant tea cosy in the shape of a (not so) little lamb. It was massive and made the teapot look twice as big as it really is. It was so big you can hardly see the little spout. We looked around the cafe, and everyone’s little teapot came with a massive tea cosy of different shapes. A very cute touch.

Overall we enjoyed our meal, and the company of course. Service was quick but friendly, and the atmosphere was warm and cosy.

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