Desserts take flight

On a random night of catch up with friends, we headed over to Aviary in Norwood for supper. We had initially arranged to meet at Au Matin Calme, but it was closing by the time we got there (miscommunication between the people there and I) and so we decided to head over to Aviary instead.

There was a line waiting to be seated as they tend to get pretty crowded. Fortunately, we managed to squeeze ourselves in, waiting by the door out of the cold. The wait wasn’t too long before we got a table for 5 of us.


I got a Graceland, which was a toasted banana and peanut butter sandwich served with maple syrup, banana and bacon crumble and peanut butter ice cream. I liked how the savoury-ness of the bacon crumble complimented the sweetness of everything else really well. Plus, peanut butter has been a weakness of mine. I am twice as likely to order a dessert with peanut butter in it above everything else. Yums.

Sash’s white chocolate sponge

I don’t remember the names of the rest of the desserts that we ordered. I have poor memory. Here is Sash’s white chocolate sponge (I think) and vanilla ice cream, with vanilla and raspberry sauce. The white chocolate sponge was nice and moist!

DC’s pear and something else tart

I, unfortunately, don’t remember what tart this is! I had to text DC to find out what it was, and she could only recall that it was a pear and something else tart. Oops. I remember the sauces that came with it being really yummy and complimenting the tart. But I don’t remember what exactly was the name of the tart! I fail. Sigh.

Out of the three. I liked my peanut butter dessert the best. It might just be because I like peanut butter. Just, maybe. Shh.

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2 thoughts on “Desserts take flight

  1. JASMINE August 7, 2012 at 6:03 pm Reply

    what’s that glob on the first picture? oh man all the photo picture raised my cholesterol level already!

    • Laine August 8, 2012 at 11:32 pm Reply

      Peanut butter icecream! YUMS! 😀

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