Recent mail (kinda)

5 TWG postcards

I was on a postcard frenzy recently, and sent a crazy amount of postcards out to friends whom I’ve managed to keep in touch with and friends I tried to get reconnected again. Obviously, I can’t possible send every single one a postcard. I’m sorry if I didn’t get you send you one.

So, anyway, I sent a clique of friends postcards. And in return they sent me back postcards too. But, they tried to be sneaky about it. They sent one earlier than the others. So I received the first TWG postcard. And it said thanks Elaine for the postcard blablabla… Hope no one sends you the same one. Then, a couple of days later, I receive 4 other TWG cards, AT THE SAME TIME. Hills came to my room, holding up 4 TWG cards as if they were poker cards, fanning herself as she said ‘Someone’s loved’ through the side of her mouth. I burst out laughing at the fact that I just received 4 TWG postcards at one go.

Dear friends, the thing is, with technology these days. You know, with things like Facebook. I actually knew that you were all going to meet up at TWG. So, when I got all 5 of the postcards, I could picture the scene in my head. The five of you, seated at the table, snickering away as you wrote my card. Happily writing ‘Hope no one sends you the same one’ when you clearly knew, I WAS GOING TO GET 5 OF THE EXACT SAME CARDS. Dear friends, you guessed it right when you said I would roll my eyes at it. Hope no one sent you the same postcard, MY FOOT.

Hope no one sent you the same postcard.

Another mail I received shortly after the postcards was a wedding invitation.

Here comes the bride

I was on my way out to get some groceries, when Sash handed me an envelope. The return address on the back was a Singapore address. An address I didn’t recognise, and I wasn’t expecting any mail at that time. Except, maybe mail from the bank telling me to check my bank statements online. Ahem, anyway, I was confused and curious. I held the envelope up against the light, saw some words in fancy a font, and something clicked. I quickly realised that it was a wedding invitation. I remembered that a childhood friend had told me that she was going to get married soon while I was back in Singapore during the summer.

I remember inhaling sharply, which resulted in a loud gasp, turned to Sash and went ‘OMG I THINK THIS IS A WEDDING INVITATION’ When I finally ripped the envelope open, I once again exclaimed ‘OMG IT IS A WEDDING INVITATION’. Okay, you might think that I was overreacting, but you don’t understand! The bride is a childhood friend of mine. We’ve known each other for as long as I remember. Our parents are really close friends, we used to play chinese chess together (omg, so nerdy. Why were we such nerds??), we used to shower together after swimming sessions at the pool downstairs as little kids lah. And then now she’s getting married?? HOW WE’VE GROWN! I feel old.

Congratulations! I’ll try not to freak out and go ‘OMG MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED’ on your wedding day. Key word being TRY, no promises.


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