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Sash stumbled upon By Blackbird whilst googling for dessert places in Adelaide. We tried to get some friends to visit the place with us, but no one could make it 😦 The weather was gloomy and wet on the day we decided to pay the cafe a visit.

By Blackbird

We got there a half hour before their closing time, so there wasn’t much left in glass display. Sash and I didn’t even study the menu before ordering, we kinda just walked up to the glass display and started pointing to the things we wanted. It was only after we seated ourselves in front of the window overlooking the main street in front of the shop that we realised, hey, they’ve got a menu here. Slow.


Inside 2

I’ve noticed that there are a few things that we tend to steer towards to when we visit somewhere new, things like pie and crepes for savories. And if there is a dessert with peanut butter something, I would most likely go for that. Peanuts don’t cut it, it has to be peanut butter (I am a huge fan of Reese’s peanut butter cups)!

Anyway, Sash got a beef pie and a hot chocolate, and I got a mushroom quiche (I almost got a beef pie too, but went with the quiche instead so that we could try different things) and a latte. We also got a lemon tart to share for dessert.

My latte

Believe it or not, this is the first time my latte came with a ‘drawing’. Most of the time, mine comes with brown froth and a white dot in the middle. The end. And I’m like 😦 at least draw me a leaf? When my coffee came with a pretty little leaf, I was sad to have to destroy it by sipping on my latte. But that feeling quickly subsided when the coffee started to warm me up.

Sash’s hot chocolate

They’ve got the cutest mugs ever. The first thing that Sash said as she was sipping on her hot chocolate was ‘Omg, there’s an Eiffel Tower in my hot chocolate.’ I kid you not. Not ‘This is really good’, not ‘This is really hot, I just burnt myself’, not ‘Would you like to try some?’, but ‘There’s an Eiffel Tower in my hot chocolate’. And no, the hot chocolate didn’t burn anyone. It came at the just the right temperature for you to just dive into it and enjoy. And the Eiffel Tower she was talking about, was really just a print of the Eiffel Tower on the inside of the mug.

Sash and I have a pet peeve when it comes to hot chocolate. We like hot chocolate that is actually made from real melted chocolate. We hate it when it’s made out of chocolate powder. You can immediately tell if it’s made out of actual melted chocolate or powdered chocolate. Powdered hot chocolate leaves this powdery feeling on your tongue after each sip. And Sash was very happy when she didn’t get that feeling from their hot chocolate, plus the drink wasn’t overly sweet, another plus from her.

The Angus beef pie

Sash’s pie was delicious. Pastry really nice and flaky, beef well seasoned. Sash finished the whole thing, usually she has the tendency to finish the filling of the pie then leave out some pastry. But the whole pie was gone.

The mushroom quiche

The mushroom quiche is made up of a mixture of mushrooms. What mushrooms… I don’t remember. Hahaha. It may look plain and boring. But, it was really good! Mouthful of mushroom, not at all overwhelmed by the taste of egg. I’ve had horrible quiches, where it tasted like I was just eating mouthfuls of scrambled eggs and felt sick at the end of it, you won’t get that feeling with this quiche.

Lemon tart

Lemon tart that has been nommed upon

Their lemon tart had a hint of lemon after each bite without tasting like you’d possibly get diabetes from each bite. The texture of the centre was similar to custard, I could taste the egg in it. I couldn’t help comparing their lemon tarts to the ones from Au Matin Calme. The lemon tart at By Blackbird isn’t as sweet, which is good if you prefer your tarts less sweet (like Sash) but I’m a sweet tooth and like crazy sweet things. I also think By Blackbird’s tart is slightly bigger in size compared to Au Matin Calme’s. More lemon tart for me!

One thing I hate about taking pictures of food. Is that I hate how I am playing into an Asian stereotype of Asians taking photos of their food before eating them. I mean, there is a whole blog completely devoted to that. In case, you haven’t seen it yet, click here. And I also hate how I have to be so shameless when taking pictures of the cafe/place/shop/restaurant I’m visiting. It makes me feel very self conscious, yet at the same time, I really want a good picture of the place for me to put up on my blog. First world problems.


Jin and Chakey were the only 2 staff members there on the day we were there. Jin was really nice and friendly, answering all our questions about the cafe – Is your dessert menu the same in the day and on your dessert nights? On what days is the Mille-Feuille available? Answers to both:  It depends on what Chakey is able to churn up. Basically, Chakey is the one who makes all the pastries and desserts in the cafe, so it depends on what she’s able to come up with on the day. I really want to try the Mille-Feuille! And then I visited their Facebook page, and now I also want to try their poached apple, vanilla mousse wrapped in crepe.

And then we completely stopped talking about food and went on to talk about Singapore and Malaysia. About how I am so out of touch with the happenings in Singapore (I really am), about Sentosa’s fake sand (it’s imported), Sentosa beach scenery of huge tankers (Uniquely Singapore), and the recent, at the same time not so recent, Ferrari crash and the uproar amongst Singaporeans about how instead of helping the tourist who was injured, some man decided to rob her instead.

We were then made to play rock, paper scissors against each other to see who wins this little packet of black sesame cookies. I lost 😦

All in all, would definitely return to By Blackbird again for good coffee, pastries and dessert.

Still really want that Mille-Feuille. (Which I pronounce as milly-foil-le. French, fail.)

By Blackbird on Urbanspoon


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