Fresh produce FTW!

There’s a Farmer’s Market that magically emerges on the Adelaide Showgrounds every Sunday morning. If we felt up to it (meaning if we manage to get ourselves out of bed), Sash and I would head over for some brunch. And also for From Scratch Patisserie’s amazing baked goods.

From Scratch

We didn’t try these, unfortunately

The stuff there gets sold out pretty quickly, so you want to make sure you get there early to grab your favorite pastries! We usually like to get their chocolate croissants. Which are amazing. Flaky, buttery pastry, light and soft, with chocolate in the middle. SO YUMMY. And then we spotted this little layered thing called the Milli Vanilli, which totally and utterly trumped the chocolate croissants that we were previously crazy about.

Milli Vanilli

The Milli Vanilli consists of hazelnut and lemon cream layers. At first, we weren’t sure about it, so we only got one to be shared between the both of us. HUGE MISTAKE. We were fighting over the crumbs when we were finished with the whole thing. Crispy pastry layers filled with sweet lemon cream, balanced out by the smoothness of the hazelnut cream. Omg, writing about it makes me want one now, now, now. Make sure you eat it on the day itself, keeping it overnight before you consume it (even just for one day), makes the experience less amazing. It doesn’t keep well, and the pastry layers become soft. We learnt that the hard way, when we decided to save it for dessert after dinner one fateful night 😦

Chocolate croissants and Milli Vanilli

Chocolate croissants & Milli Vanilli

From Scratch Pop Up Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Yummy goodies inside

We usually head outside, after grabbing some pastries from From Scratch, for some brunch.

Everyone else enjoying brunch in the sun

Beef with stout pie

If you’re ever at the Farmer’s Market, you have to try Kuhl Kooking. Our two faves so far are the beef with stout pie and their mushroom, pesto toast. They have 2 different pies available, chicken & leek and beef with stout. Sash got the beef with stout pie and I got the mushroom pesto toast. When you’re watching a cooking show/foodie show, you know the food is good when the host on TV places the food in his/her mouth, and then the eyes roll back, and you watch their shoulders drop, body go slightly limp, and then you hear a sigh escape. Pretty sure that was my response when I bit into my mushroom pesto toast. I am not being dramatic.

Mushroom pesto toast

It looks deceivingly simple. But the pesto! Oh, the pesto, WAS SO GOOD! It pulled the whole thing together. Obviously everything else on the plate was just plain. Simple plain toasted bread and grilled mushrooms. The pesto was the thing that gave everything else flavour. So much flavour I wanted to just melt into a ball. I don’t even know how to describe its taste to you. You just have to try it for yourself.

We returned to the Farmer’s Market a few weeks later, in hopes to get more mushroom pesto toast, but alas, we were too slow and it was sold out 😦 So, get there early guys, if you want to get some of their amazing pesto on toast, with mushrooms!




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