Sushi in burger form

Sash gushed about this place for ages, and if she found out a friend’s going away to Melbourne for a short trip or something, she would without missing a beat, insist that the friend visits Sushi Burger.

The concept of using sushi rice for buns, making a ‘sushi burger’ isn’t a new concept to me. If you’re familiar with MOS Burger, they have a wide variety of rice burgers on their menu.

I visited Sushi Burger with my family while we were in Melbourne because I’ve heard Sash mention this place countless times.

My Sushi Burger

The sushi burgers come in little paper packages, they cost about 4 to 5 dollars each, and are rather small to make a complete meal. But then again, they were never meant to be a full main course. I ordered a raw salmon sushi burger and a softshell crab sushi burger. My mum and brother ordered a set meal of one sushi burger and a small bowl of ramen/udon each.

Inhaling their noodles

I’m not sure about the noodles, but their sushi burgers were really good. The service was really prompt and the staff attentive. Before I could even lift up my hand to grab the attention of a waitress, all I did was just look at her, and she was promptly at our table jotting down our orders. Talk about efficiency.

Salmon sushi burger

They are slightly smaller than the rice burgers at MOS Burger, but is more ‘sushi-like’. Basically, they tasted more like sushi than the MOS burger ones. But then again, MOS Burger’s concept of a rice burger was more like making a typical rice meal (like unagi-don) into a rice burger. So the whole ‘vision’ here is completely different.

Softshell crab

I agree with Sash that everyone should visit Sushi Burger if they’re in Melbourne. I recommend their softshell crab sushi burger!

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2 thoughts on “Sushi in burger form

  1. Dan C September 22, 2012 at 2:24 pm Reply

    Sushi Burger is great, and I concur that the raw salmon and softshell crab burgers are delicious.

    I have been to MOS Burger in Brisbane and they had rice buns. But last night here in Japan I went to MOS Burger I could only see bread buns on the menu. But it seems that they do have rice buns, so I guess the problem is that I cannot read Japanese and perhaps they were not pictured on the menu 😦

    • Elaine September 22, 2012 at 6:57 pm Reply

      Aww. I like their rice buns. Especially the unagi one 🙂

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