Sit back and soak in the warmth

We heard of this cafe via Gram Magazine, if you’ve never heard of Gram Magazine, click here to visit their website.

Soaking in the sun

Bomb cafe was pretty full when we arrived, although the sun was out, the little garden space at the back was in the shade, so it was little too chilly to be sitting outside. So the staff suggested a place by their cosy fireplace (which had a low coffee table – difficult to eat from) where three other people were sitting with their coffees and magazines, and told us that they’d lookout for a table should one freed up at the front. We moved to another seat with a coffee table at the front (sunshine!), then moved again to a proper table which made eating much easier.

Just chill

Despite our several change of table requests, the staff were all really patient and friendly. We each grabbed a copy of a Frankie magazine whilst waiting for our food. My family had trouble adjusting to the laid back Australia culture, and was too used to the snip snap haste of our Asian society. I had to keep reminding my mum to just breathe, food doesn’t usually get churned out in 2 minutes like it does back home (well, depending on where you go).


Regulars popped in and out for their regular morning coffee, as I reminded my mother to breathe multiple times.

Eggs Florentine

Mum ordered an Eggs Florentine and I got the Eggs Benedict. Eggs well poached, the yolk slowly oozed out as you slowly cut into it. Hollandaise sauce to die for!

Eggs Benedict

My brother got an open omelette which I didn’t get to try or get a picture of. He basically inhaled the thing. So I’m guessing that that meant it was good?


It’s a really humble little cafe, so it might be easy to miss it. Make sure you pop in for brunch because we all emerged with happy bellies!

Bomb Café on Urbanspoon


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