Morning perk

Uncle Albert’s cafe

Sash, DC and I volunteered as student volunteers for an event, and decided to head out a little earlier for some brunch at Uncle Albert’s cafe, crossing yet another place off our Adelaide list.

Sash & DC

We took a while to locate Norwood Mall, and ended up at Norwood Plaza thinking that it was Norwood Mall. When in actual fact, Norwood Mall was just across the road. Uncle Albert’s can be easy to miss in a quiet mall, but it seemed like a different world inside with people shuffling around and regulars coming in for their coffee.

DC when I told her she looked sleepy in a previous photo

I requested for my coffee to be placed in a takeaway cup although we were dining in because I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish it before we left. When it arrive, it arrived in a takeaway cup on a saucer. So cute.

The place was bustling with families. Thankfully all the children were really well behaved, none of them were running amok.

Eggs Benedict

The boring person that I am, ordered an Eggs Benedict. The egg yoke oozed golden and delicious, and soaked into my english muffin at the bottom.

Breakfast burger

The other two were more adventurous and opted for the burgers. DC got a breakfast burger, which had your typical breakfast stuff (eggs, bacon, avocado) sandwiched in between a large burger bun. It was tasty and it might be the thing I’d order the next time I’m there again.

Chicken burger

The chicken in Sash’s burger was very well season, and I would happily have the chicken on its own.

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