It was a dessert night with friends. And as usual, no one would decide on a place to go. Then, KZM suggested Chocolate Taperia, and when I asked what did they have there, he replied ‘Churros… somethingsomethingblablablabla‘ (I tuned out). I was sold at churros, didn’t even bothered to decipher the rest of his response.


A platter

Sash and I shared a platter, whose name I can no longer find on their website. The platter came with 4 little cookies, 3 different tarts, caramel sauce and churros covered in cinnamon sugar. We also ordered a chocolate sauce on the side and a hot chocolate drink. The churros were really good, made just the way I like them. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The cookies and tarts that came with the platter were good too. But I thought the highlight of the night were the churros. The creamy caramel and chocolate sauces were wiped clean off the mug using our fingers, and not a drop of the hot chocolate was left. Yums.

Chocolate Taperia on Urbanspoon


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