Devour everything

I’ve never had dessert night so many times in a row with the same group of people. Every time we end the night and go our separate ways, agreeing to meet each other a week or so later, we meet up again the next night.


We visited Devour this time. I was hoping to get their Bombe Alaska, which was something I had the last time I was there (about a year ago). But they had changed their menu and the Bombe Alaska wasn’t on it. 😦

Wall deco

Chocolate fondant, berry cream and peanut butter ice cream

Spotted somethingsomething peanut butter ice cream and decided to order it. Totally just ignored the initial front bit of the description. Peanut butter? Sold!

The chocolate fondant was nice and warm, the chocolate oozed as I dipped my spoon into it. And the berry cream complimented the chocolate fondant beautifully. I made everyone try it. It was spoonful after spoonful, till everything was gone.

KCM’s hot chocolate

KCM’s hot chocolate came with a lovely leaf! He insisted that I take a picture of it. Haha.

KZM’s macarons

The lighting in Devour made taking pictures difficult, and I don’t exactly have steady hands. So, these are the macarons KZM ordered, which Sash was attempting to devour. He got the cookies & cream and a peanut butter & jelly one. They never told us which colour was for which flavour, so we had to guess. I guessed that the blue one’s the peanut butter one and I was right! One point for me!

Sash’s chocolate bar

Introducing Sash’s rock solid salted caramel fudge, popcorn, peanut and dark chocolate bar. We say rock solid because it really was rock solid. We tried stabbing it with a fork then a spoon, then a spoon warmed up in tea. None of which was able to split open the bar. Everyone at the table took turns stabbing the thing. We then gave up and just used our teeth, which was the best weapon against it.

The chocolate bar was filled with caramel fudge that stuck to your teeth and popcorn which you could smell by just holding the bar up to your nose. It was interesting. I mean… chocolate and popcorn? Interesting combination, but it didn’t taste bad. Though, Sash wasn’t a fan of the chocolate bar, thus her thumbs down sign above.

The chocolate bar would have been more enjoyable if the bar wasn’t so rock solid. I only took one bite, and the time spent chewing on that one tiny bite was enough to tire me out.

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One thought on “Devour everything

  1. sybaritica October 20, 2012 at 4:47 am Reply

    Nice post … shame you didn’t get your Bombe Alaska, but it looks like you made out nicely anyway 🙂

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