Mmm… brunch

The Pantry on Egmont

Tucked away in a quiet residential area, amongst a really short row of shops, sits this cosy little place. I first heard of it from my clinical educator, who was new to Adelaide and she couldn’t stop singing praise of this place. So I thought I just had to visit this place.


Spring finally came, the first time in a long time, the temperature went up to 20 (celsius). As if it were a bonus, the sun was out as well. Determined not to let such good weather go to waste, we rallied up the troops and asked for a show of hands to see who would like to join us for lunch at The Pantry. Only one other person joined us though. 😦

Sash, as usual

There were two other occupied tables at the time we sat ourselves down. We were quickly given menus and asked what drinks we’d like to have whilst deciding on our food. Sash was on the phone when I asked for an iced coffee and KZM, an iced mocha. When the drinks came, we were served 2 iced coffees and one iced mocha. The guy had thought Sash had gestured for the same thing as me. But they were happy to change the drink for her without any complaints.

The coffee was good, by the way.

And then when it came to ordering, Sash ordered a Brekkie Special, requesting to change the eggs to mushrooms, and then within 10 seconds changed her mind, told the lady to cancel her previous order and ordered a Lunch Special instead. We can be such difficult customers, a big (heartfelt) SORRY to the staff at The Pantry. But during all this time, the staff were all cheery and happy to oblige our fickle-minded-ness.

Blue swimmer crab cakes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

I got their Brekkie Special, Sash got the Lunch Special and KZM got the Russell’s Big Breakfast.

Smiley face

As I sliced into the eggs, a thick golden yolk oozed out from its white encasing. Take a little bit of the egg white, a little bit of the crabby patty and a little bit of the hollandaise sauce. Place it in your mouth, it’s a party for your tastebuds! It was really good, it was one mouthful after another, till I was scrapping every single morsel off the plate with my knife. None should go to waste!


Slow cooked veal shank with a garlic mash

Sash’s Lunch Special was really good as well. Full of flavour and the meat fell off the bone. Minimal chewing required because the veal was so soft and tender. The mash, really smooth and garlic-y. Everything a garlic fan would love.

Russell’s Big Breakfast

The main draw to this breakfast choice was a sausage, whose name we didn’t know how to pronounce (csabai, how do you even pronounce a /cs/ cluster??). And Sash gave it a really crude (hokkian) name, which thankfully Australians didn’t understand, but the Malaysian and Singaporeans at the table did. The sausage had a spicy after taste, which was nice. Everything else on the plate, noms. Especially the perfectly cooked poached eggs. The nurse in KZM was using medical terms such as ‘incision’ whilst making a slit in his egg, then watching the yolk escape its prison.

Lemon tart

We didn’t notice it when we walked in, but The Pantry has a little glass display by the counter, housing a small selection of tarts and cakes. When the staff told me the tarts were lemon tarts and chocolate caramel tarts. My eye lit up, and promptly ordered one of each to share.

Chocolate caramel tart

The lemon had the right amount of citrus and sweetness, and the caramel, thick, yet not too overpoweringly sweet. The pastry, however, could have been a little more flaky.

Sunshine in the background

Sash, secretly wishing that she was a spy, spied that they had bacon specials and was excited to return to them. I guess we’ll be seeing you soon enough, The Pantry. We promise to be less difficult customers during our next visit. 🙂

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