Chocolate heaven

Welcome to chocolate heaven

Simple and minimalistic. Was the first thing that popped into my mind when I walked into Steven ter Horst Chocolatier. Okay, maybe not. The first thing was ‘Whoa’ then simple & minimalistic. There were about 3 tables in the shop and a sofa by the window for customers to enjoy their chocolate/desserts in their shop.

I’ve noticed their booth at the Farmer’s Marker, but I’ve never tried any of their creations before.

For people watching

It was a nice 27 degree day when we visited the shop. But the biggest table they had, that was able to seat 4 people, was situated right in front of the air conditioner. And we were just freezing despite the warm weather.

GRAM Magazine

Our 2 friends got lost, so Sash and I picked up copies of GRAM magazine, scouting out new places for our food expedition whilst waiting them to find their way.

Drink menu

Headed over to the little glass display by the chocolate to check out their dessert collection. We got a Mascarpone Dream, Nuts about Chocolate and Lemon Lust to share. For drinks we got their different types of house made sparkling (ginger, orange, & lemon), which was really good.

The trio

Nuts about chocolate lived up to its name of being nutty, little gritty pieces of nut added a little crunch as your tongue licked off smooth hazelnut chocolate from your fork. If you like something with varying textures, this is the thing for you.

Nuts about Chocolate

The Mascarpone Dream. Sweet caramel, mascarpone, and then a smooth hazelnut creme moose thing (I think it’s hazelnut) in the middle, accompanied by a crunchy base. OMG, party in your mouth. Being the sweet tooth that I am, loved the sweet caramel, it made me swoon in my seat.

Mascarpone Dream

If you love desserts but want something not too sweet, then Lemon Lust would be a good choice. I thought it was similar to the Mascarpone Dream, minus the caramel, but with the zing of a lemon. It’s like it had the tart-ness of a lemon tart, but better! It had the same hazelnut creme moose thing in the middle as the Mascarpone Dream.

Lemon Lust

While we were sitting there enjoying our drinks and desserts, different small groups of people have walked in. But all of them came for their chocolate, walking away with little bags or boxes of chocolate. I would love to try their chocolates one day. Afterall, it does say Steven ter Horst Chocolatier.

A dad and his two sons also came into the shop, parking their bicycles just outside. The little kids ordered a hot chocolate each, then got seated on the sofa by the window. A few minutes later, they returned to the counter with their empty cups and chocolate covered faces.

Their gaze. They crack me up.

It was amusing watching them eye the cup with such intense eyes, trying so hard to keep it balanced on the saucer as they made their way to the counter. The focus in their eyes, and their chocolate covered lips pulled taut from all that concentration. And then the youngest one caught me staring as he walked back to the sofa, a slight grin on his face. I nudged Sash and pointed out how cute he looked with his chocolate smeared face. He quickly tried to wipe his face clean with the back of hand, covered by his long sleeve. Then looked at us shyly, sinking into the sofa beside his older brother.

Orange sparkling

Their chocolate covered faces and cheeky grins made it seem like the hot chocolate was the most heavenly thing they’ve ever had. The bliss on their faces made the scrumptious desserts I just had seem somewhat lackluster compared to what their hot chocolate. Maybe I’ll have a hot chocolate next time I’m there, so that I can feel like I’ve been to the same chocolate heaven.

Next on the to-try list at Steven ter Horst Chocolatier: Hot chocolate, chocolate tart (KZM claims it’s amazing), & chocolates!

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3 thoughts on “Chocolate heaven

  1. Natalie October 31, 2012 at 11:00 am Reply

    You have to try the chocolate cloud as well. It’s amazing!

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