Bicycle on the wall

Sash abandoned me for Sydney, just when I found out that I would be getting a break from uni afterall. So, I arranged to meet some friends. Plus, it would have been a pity to see such good weather go to waste.

At the Haus

I rallied up a group of friends to head over to Hahndorf with me to try out a cafe that I had stumbled upon whilst my mum and brother were here, but never got to try. The cafe turned out to be more of a dessert cafe, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So we ventured off to The Haus.

That bicycle on the wall

It was a lovely sunny day, and they had a lovely outside sitting area, but we decided to sit inside to avoid getting sun burn. The staff were patient and friendly, introducing the various items on the menu because we had trouble deciding what to get. Everything sounded good.

Braised Strathalbyn lamb shank on top a bed of mash

I debated between a Haus pie or a braised lamb shank and eventually decided on the lamb shank. The braised lamb shank came on top of a bed of potato mash, covered in a tomato, rosemary and red wine sauce. The meat was cooked till it was soft and fell off the bone. The mash perfectly creamy and smooth. Unfortunately, the sauce lacked a little bit of flavour, a little bit more and it would have been perfect.

Smoked Kassler Chop

KZM got a Smoked Kassler Chop, which was char grilled cured middle loin pork. I loved the smoky flavour of the pork, but the pork skin that came with the chop was a little difficult to chew. Not sure if it could have been cooked better, or if pork skin in general is difficult to chew except when it has been cooked for a long time or when it’s been made into a pork crackling. All in all, I liked this dish better than my own because of the strong smoky flavours.

The Haus pie

The Haus pie changes every so often, and the pie at the time was a black angus Kobe beef. And boy, did the beef tasted AMAZING. DC was swooning all over her plate. I didn’t get to try the chips though, but according to her, the chips were really good too. But the beef… you have to try it.

Angus scotch fillet

NL got an Angus steak. When asked what he thought about it. He said it was okay. I guess it wasn’t amazing enough for him, but NL can be a really vague person. I thought it looked pretty good and well cooked (pink in the middle!).

Photos first, then eat

We saw that the table next to us had ordered one of the platters. And it looked really good. It had almost everything we ordered, plus some kangaroo. If you’d like to try a little bit of everything from The Haus, the platter would make a good choice, I reckon.

The Haus Hahndorf on Urbanspoon


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One thought on “Bicycle on the wall

  1. midnightvisitor November 13, 2012 at 11:20 am Reply

    Nice place you have found. Well worth the visit. The food looks mouth watering.

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