Girly catch ups

I love catch up sessions with girlfriends. So many interesting stories to hear. I stayed on campus during my first few years of uni and shared a unit with 4 other people. Out of the 4, I grew close to 3 of them. The 4th housemate kept changing every semester or so. But the rest of us chose to remain in the same unit together for quite some time. I’ve since moved off campus, but nevertheless, we’ve still kept in touch.

Many things have happened since we’ve all moved off campus, and I decided that it was time for a catch up session with the housemates. I took the liberty of picking a place and basically told them, okay people, let’s meet here!

The Stranded Store

At The Stranded Store, breakfast is only served till 11am (I think, I don’t remember! Sorry!) and then it moves on to a lunch menu.

I thought the place was simply decorated, it felt like a nice place to just chill and relax. The perfect place for a catch up session.

When we finally got ourselves settled down, we took such a long time deciding on what to eat because we were so busy talking to each other. The staff had to come back multiple times to check on us, before we were ready to order, but they were patient throughout.

Duck pasta with a fig salad

I got myself a duck pasta with a fig salad. The cold fig salad came piled on top of the warm pasta, and it was surprisingly sweet. Yes, figs are sweet in general, but I didn’t think it’d be that sweet, so I was slightly taken a back. But mouthful after mouthful, the flavour grew on me, it was actually pretty good. The warm savoury duck pasta that came after polishing off the sweet salad was deliciously cooked. The sweetness from the salad actually helped bring out the flavours of the duck pasta. Good combination I say! However, I’d caution non-sweet-tooths to stay away from this, you might find the fig salad too overwhelming.

Prawns in a tomato-based sauce

J got herself a prawn dish, which she told me was good, and I believe her. She stated that I wasn’t allowed to have any. So… it must have been good (I’m allergic to prawns anyway)? J dangled succulent-looking prawn pieces in front of my face, then popped it into her mouth, as I watched a tiny smile fall upon the corners of her lips. She ate every single morsel of it. Hills tried a little bit of the sauce and nodded her head in satisfaction.

Tommy Ruffs

Hills has the tendency to be biased towards seafood dishes, and ordered the Tommy Ruff dish they had on their menu. Each fish was well done, not too dry and well seasoned. Om nom nom, enough said!

We sat there for the longest time, chatting, laughing, going… ‘HE DID WHAT??’. Such girls, we are.

I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to try their breakfast menu (we got there too late), so I returned again a few days later.

Eggs Benedict with Ocean Trout

Mmm… poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – always good. I loved the tangy-ness of the sauce, and the egg yoke gently oozed from its encasement when I made a small slit. Allowed the yoke to soak into the toast a little, took a little bit of everything on the plate then popped it into my mouth. NOMS. I sat there by myself savoring every bite.

Blueberry yoghurt tart

Their glass case had so many yummylicious looking tarts, slices and pastry things on display. I couldn’t resist and got myself a blueberry yoghurt tart. Which, by the way, was amazing.

All gone

I would’ve licked the plate clean, but I don’t think that’s socially acceptable when out in public. 😕

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One thought on “Girly catch ups

  1. Will February 21, 2014 at 10:42 pm Reply

    Great review!
    My partner and I live on the Strand and we will be going for breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

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