Bagel for you?

I have been curious about The Coffee Barun for quite some time because I kept coming across cafes proudly stating that their coffee beans come from, the one and only, Coffee Barun. Coffee Barun? What’s that? A little bit of googling revealed reviews claiming that they might possibly serve the best coffee in Adelaide.

Inside The Coffee Barun

Curious, I’ve made several attempts to get Sash to go with me. Perhaps, attempts and hints that were too subtle and feeble. We never went. And then, she left for Sydney to visit friends. Leaving me with one eating-buddy less, so I seeked others and this time was successful at convincing them to go with me.

The Coffee Barun roasts their coffee beans in the cafe itself. Literally, almost half of the floor space houses the coffee bean roasters. This area is cordoned off by a somewhat tallish counter, but you’re still able to watch the action go down if you want.

The coffee lived up to the heap I’ve been reading on the internet. The coffee was rich and well brewed. I secretly sighed a sigh of contentment. Mmmm… good coffee.

Eggs Royale

I got myself an Eggs Royale. Poached eggs, smoked salmon and wilted baby spinach seated upon a wholegrain bagel, topped with their very own hollandaise sauce. The bagel was warm to touch, I made a slit in the egg and watched the warm yoke slowly bleed out below the crown made up of a generous serving of smoked salmon. It being a coffee place and all, I wasn’t expecting much from the food. But The Coffee Barun exceeded my expectations. One word, yums.

The Barun Benedict

Don’t fancy smoked salmon, and bacon for breakfast is more your thing? The Barun Benedict would be a good choice. It is similar to the Eggs Royale – Poached eggs, bacon and baby spinach on a wholegrain bagal, topped with their own hollandaise sauce. Once again, a perfectly poached egg. People, that would almost automatically mean that it’ll taste yummy (and it did).

Imagine how disappointing it would be to have a really delicious meal, and then have an overcooked poached egg. That kind of disappointment, kinda just kills everything (for me at least). It brings what might possibly have been a 10 upon 10 eating experience to like a… 6 or 6.5… 7?

Smoked Salmon Bagel

The Smoke Salmon Bagel. The Eggs Royale’s fancier cousin. Smoked salmon on a wholegrain bagel, with cucumber ribbons, mixed lettuce, baby caper and spanish onion cream cheese. I almost got this for myself because it sounded so good (cream cheese)! My American housemate always told me how much she missed having bagels and how amazing bagels taste with cream cheese. I don’t know how close to home these bagels would taste to her, but I thought they tasted pretty darn good.

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2 thoughts on “Bagel for you?

  1. d @ December 4, 2012 at 12:19 pm Reply

    For a cafe that specialises in coffee, the presentation of their food is rather impeccable! The eggs royale has my name written all over it… mmmMm!

    • Elaine December 4, 2012 at 1:23 pm Reply

      I was really surprised when the food came since I wasn’t expecting much food-wise, and then I was like whoa!

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