Burgers & fries

We’ve been talking about visiting Pearl’s Diner ever since Burger Theory announced that they were going to start it. But, life got in the way, and we only got to visit the place recently.

Sash and I got there a little too early, I read the time wrongly and we arrived there an hour earlier than the time we had agreed upon with some friends. So we ended up just sitting in car in front of the diner chatting about random things. Our friends arrived soon after.

Burger No. 1

Our friends have never tried Burger Theory’s burgers. You should have heard us gasp… You’ve never what?? Dude! What is wrong with you?! How do you live your life?? 

We can be a little bit melodramatic, sometimes. Just sometimes!

So he ordered himself a Burger No.1 with chips. The amount of chips doesn’t look as sad when you get them in packet from the truck. The burger… just as good as I remember it coming from the Burger Theory truck.

Shizzle Burger

I got myself a Shizzle Burger which was one of Burger Theory & Friends’ Artburgers available for a limited time. Avocado, lemon juice, Murray salt, pickled red onions and lettuce. DELISH. I liked how the acidity of the lemon juice just complemented the meat so well. Well done, guys, well done.

Buttermilk fried chicken wings and coleslaw

These chicken wings! MMM! I don’t know what they used to season them (besides the buttermilk, obviously) but whatever went into them, made them taste pretty darn good! The wings cooked to perfection. Chicken wings are so easy to under/overcook, but these were just so juicy. A must try. It might even be better than their burgers. I’m not a fan of coleslaw, so I didn’t try any of the coleslaw that came with it. But the wings! Try them!

We were keen to try their waffles too, as we’ve been told that La Waffles makes really good waffles. Unfortunately, we were all too stuffed (with burgers, chips and chicken wings) to try any. Oh well, looks like another trip is in order! 😀

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