Happy belly!

What do you do when the food you want doesn’t come readily available at a store, food truck, restaurant or cafe? You stalk them online until you find out where they’ll be next. I’m sure we all have a friend who stalks people online, be it on Facebook or other social networking outlets. Well, I stalk pop-up food stalls and food trucks in Adelaide. Perhaps that would explain my lack of a social life? Oh wait, I have to have a social life in order to have people to stalk online. Right.

The Happy Motel pop-up booth

I’ve been eyeing The Happy Motel for a while. At first, I didn’t realise that they don’t actually have a fixed physical restaurant place. So I spent ages and ages combing through their website and Facebook page looking for their address and opening hours, only to realise much later – oh wait, they don’t have one. Oh. Now what? How am I going to get my little hands on their food? No! This is a disaster! The tragedy! Sob, sob. Cry, cry. Whine, whine. Boohoo. Life is so sad.

And then my internet stalking skills paid off. The Happy Motel was going to be at a Gourmet BBQ Festival at Rundle Park. Life is beautiful again!

Beef brisket bun

They had 2 different buns that day to pleasure your tastebuds, beef brisket and chorizo. I got myself the beef brisket one (they called it the Beefskirt Sanga). Beef brisket, salsa golf, watercress and magical herbs. By magical, I don’t mean the sort that you smoke up or make hash brownies with. They were magical because they made the bun taste oh-so-deliciously-nomlicious! Although it had coriander in it, something I avoid at all costs, I just couldn’t imagine the bun without it! All the flavours came together and just made this little magical flavour explosion party in your mouth.

When I received my beef brisket bun from the guy at the counter, he pointed out the 4 different condiments at the side for you to add to your bun. There was a bowl of pickled chillis, a spinach thing (I added this one to mine and it was yummy) and 2 others I don’t remember. Or there might have only been 3. Memory fails. But who cares about the amazing option of potentially delicious condiments, guys? THE BUN ITSELF WAS AMAZING! Good food makes my belly happy!

I wouldn’t stop talking about it, until DL decided to get one too.

Sash and her ribs

Sash got ribs from another stall at the festival. And we spent the rest of the day busking in the sun, making laps around the place, peering into stalls to inspect their offerings.

Head over to The Happy Motel’s Facebook page now and start hunting them down at their next event. Gatecrash that event if you have to. Stomp your feet and throw a tantrum about how you want to have one of Happy Motel’s scrumptious creations until they let you in. But don’t tell the organizers I told you to do that. Or even better still, get them to cater at one of your events, then invite me! We will become BFFs forever!

Neon Lobster Taquería (The Happy Motel) on Urbanspoon


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One thought on “Happy belly!

  1. A Simple Guy December 8, 2012 at 10:10 am Reply

    the beef brisket bun looks yummy… mouth watering!! lol

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