‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas is almost here! Have you tried By Blackbird’s Christmas cake yet? If you haven’t, you have to! It’s really soft, moist, with a slight hint of liqueur. Which I heard is really Jin’s dad’s liqueur. Chakey secretly told Sash and I this as she was hiding the bottle under her apron, showing it to us while we were there stuffing our faces with cake.

By Blackbird sells them it little slices, but you can custom order bigger ones (pictured here) for your Christmas celebration parties and share it with your family.

The cake is not overly sweet, but you get little sweet chewy surprises in the form of dried fruit and little gummy thingys. Plus that preserved fig that came on top of it… yums.

Chakey has been working on heaps of Christmassy goodies (gingerbread and mince pies to name a few!). The last time I was there, she was working on some pretty awesome gingerbread houses. I stole a crumb from their sample plate (no, I did not destroy her beautifully decorated gingerbread houses just to steal a taste), and I thought it was pretty good although I’m generally not a fan of ginger.

Be sure to check out all the Christmassy goodness that By Blackbird has to offer! Also, I heard that Jin and Chakey might be going on a short break over the summer, so be sure to eat your fill of Chakey’s creations before they disappear.

My previous post on By Blackbird: Here.

(This post sounds a little bit like an ad, but no, I wasn’t paid to write this)


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