Fancy French names

The very first time we attempted to pay Mulots Patisserie a visit, it was closed. Many weeks later, we made a second attempt and was successful this time.

There wasn’t much of a seating area in the little shop. There were about two tables in the shop, and another two by the street. Each table seats about two to three people each. So, instead of seating ourselves, we opted for takeaway instead. Sash and I took a couple of minutes to study their glass display, deciphering the french names of the various pastries and sweets they had.

I may enjoy eating and trying new food, but that doesn’t mean I am familiar with all the fancy foreign names of pastries and desserts, or even savouries. Obviously it took Sash and I awhile to figure out what we wanted to try. The lady behind the counter wasn’t very helpful, asking multiple times what we wanted and looked irritated each time we told her that we needed a few minutes more.

When we were finally ready, the lady had a frown on her face as she picked out the things we wanted from the glass display.

We didn’t wait long to try their macarons, and quickly opened up the plastic wrapping to pop one into our mouths. The macarons tasted stale and a little bit too chewy for my liking. We were instantly disappointed. The macarons tasted like they had been sitting in that glass cabinet for days.

We hoped the cakes we picked out would taste better. And quickly opened up the box the moment we got home. Again, another disappointment. The cakes tasted just as stale or worse than the macarons. We each took 2 bites of each cake and threw the rest away.

Utterly disappointed, we hunted down for a different dessert place to lift our spirits.

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3 thoughts on “Fancy French names

  1. thecookingchook December 15, 2012 at 8:07 pm Reply

    I’m really surprised that you didn’t have a good experience with Mulots because I’ve never had a bad pastry/macaron there. Maybe it was an off day… If you haven’t had the chance to yet, I would suggest you try By Blackbird cafe which is just down the road from Mulots going away from the city on the other side of King William Road. I know the pastry chef and manager there. They have really lovely pastries and French teas (if you like drinking teas).

  2. lizbakescakes December 16, 2012 at 10:00 am Reply

    I’ve had a similar experience with Mulots! As thecookingchook said, By Blackbird pastries and cakes are really nice! I don’t think they do macarons though. Au Matin Calme in the city is also really nice for pastries and French sweets. Just down the road from there is the Mac Factory – their macarons are much more appetising than the Mulots ones (and not so expensive 😛 )

  3. Elaine December 16, 2012 at 3:23 pm Reply

    That was exactly what we did, we crossed the road and walked right over to By blackbird for some pastry. I was at By Blackbird 2 nights ago and they had a small collection of macarons. Maybe Chakey’s experimenting! Haven’t been to Mac Factory in a while. Should pay them a visit soon 🙂

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