Waffle Kingdom

I remember there was excitement in the air when Waffle King just opened up on Sturt Road. It was close to Westfield Marion, which was close to uni, so all the kids living up on campus were talking about it. I heard many friends gushed about their delicious waffles, but it took me several months to check the place out. In fact, when I finally got to visit the place, the hype had died down.

The owner of the place used to make waffles for places such as Bracegirdles, but has decided to set up his own waffle place calling himself the ‘Waffle King’.

Watch them make the waffles & crepes

The first time I was there, the service was… as another diner puts it on Urbanspoon ‘snotty’. My girlfriends and I were seated by this large mural that the owner had hired an artist to paint on the wall. He had explained that the king in the middle was, in fact, him. I guess that’s where the name Waffle King came from. Then he pointed out he had paid several thousands to have the mural painted. Right, noted, well good for you. Then he proceeded to give me a long speech about how I should look out for my chair and not destroy his precious mural. I replied that I would be careful, but was already starting to feel a little put off. And then, he proceeded to watch me like a hawk. I would like to enjoy my waffle in peace, thank you very much.

Although the waffles were good. I didn’t like how I was being watched like some sort of criminal. It’s not like my whole purpose of the visit was to destroy his mural. I never returned to the place for about a year or so.

Driving past it one day, Sash pointed it out and stated that we should add that place to our Adelaide List. So up on the list it went.

Smoked salmon crepe

Smoked salmon crepe

The menu has changed slightly since the last time I was there. In fact, I think it has more variety now. Sash and I ordered a smoked salmon crepe to share then individual waffles for each of us. The smoked salmon crepe was average. I liked the yellowish brown sauce they had on the side, its acidity complemented the smoked salmon really well. But I’ve had better smoked salmon crepes in Moonta (albeit a 2 hour drive away).

Eggs, tomatoes, bacon and crepe

Waffle King has 2 different choices of breakfast, crepe with eggs, tomatoes, and bacon or ham (I think, I can’t remember, sorry!). Honestly, I prefer my bacon to be slightly crisp and brown, their bacon looked like it was just blanched in hot water.

Waffle with assorted fresh fruits and chocolate sauce

Obviously waffles are the main star at Waffle King, no? You get to choose whether you’d like a simple plain waffle or a waffle with cinnamon sugar and then pair the waffle with a wide variety of sauces and condiments. I personally prefer the ones with the cinnemon sugar.

Waffle platter

Can’t decide what to pair with your waffle? Go for their platters. It comes with ice cream, fruits and 3 different chocolate sauces. You basically get to try almost everything they’ve got to offer to complement your waffle.

Overall, this visit was a much more pleasant visit than before. The service was heaps better and friendlier. They’ve also changed their business hours.

The Waffle King  on Urbanspoon


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2 thoughts on “Waffle Kingdom

  1. debbs October 6, 2013 at 9:24 pm Reply

    Took my 10yr old grand-daughter there as a treat for helping me in the garden. Was disappointing, no table service had to go up and order at the counter.
    Never realised waffles were coated in pearl sugar, hence the crunchieness.
    Who wants to eat food that has lumps of sugar in it? Not me and grand-daughter said it was too sweet.
    Overall would I go again? NO!

    • Elaine October 8, 2013 at 12:06 am Reply

      Oh no 😦 it seems like the service standards there can be rather inconsistent. They had table service during our visit described in this entry.
      I loved the sugar lumps in the waffles. But then again, I’m a sweet tooth and would totally munch on a sugar cube even if it weren’t in a waffle. :/
      I’ve heard good things about La Waffle (you can get their waffles at Pearl’s Diner), but never got to try them myself. Next waffle adventure with the grand-daughter? Let me know if they are as good as they sound 🙂

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