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Hello internet! I am alive and back from my long hiatus (sort of). I’ve got to admit, it was a good break. Speaking of breaks, there was once Sash and I decided to pop into Red Door Bakery along King William St for brunch. I love their iced coffee and was hoping to get some. Unfortunately, at the time, they’ve still not gotten their freezer, thus no yummy ice coffee for me 😦

Red Door Bakery (King William)

The atmosphere and layout of this outlet is rather different from their Croydon outlet. Everything’s really simple and minimalistic. Simple grey walls, clean glass displays etc. The Croydon outlet has a little more of the homely-cosy vibe. However, this outlet has a lot more seating, always a plus.


We’ve tried their pies before. So we decided that we should try some of their other stuff. So we got ourselves on of their sandwiches to share. Every since we’ve embarked on this eating list, I’ve got to admit that I have gotten a little more adventurous in what I’m willing to eat. We ordered a pork and apple sandwich. In the past I’d be like… Pork? Apple? Meat? Fruit? Together??? No, thanks. Now, I’d be like… Pork? Apple? Not something I’d have together, but okay, let’s give it a try.

The pork, apple sandwich

We got the staff to cut the sandwich in half for us, so that we could both try it and still have room to try some of their other stuff! Clever is us. Haha.


Initial, I was all… I’m not sure if I’m going to like it. Apples and pork, that’s so weird. I’ve never had apple and pork together before. It’s going to taste weird, what if I don’t like it?? Blablablablabla…

And then I bit into. And another bite, and another bite. And was all I’mma eat it all~~!! RAAHHH!! And it was gone.

Actually the shredded apple gave a refreshing twist to the otherwise ordinary pork sandwich. Try it, people!

Citrus tart, creme brulee tart & caramel bar

We have never tried Red Door Bakery’s sweeter stuff. But we’ve heard amazing things. So this time, I was determine to save some stomach space for them! After staring at their glass display, for perhaps, a few minutes too long. Engaging in a lengthy debate on what to get, we finally decided on a citrus tart (i.e. a lemon tart), creme brulee tart and a caramel bar.

The citrus tart was okay, I wasn’t swooning over it. It’s nice, but not the best I’ve had so far. The caramel bar was pretty good. Not overwhelmingly sweet, yet full of rich caramel flavour. Albeit a little too small, we each only got one bite out of that little bar. Sad.

I thought the creme brulee tart was really yummy. The tart was nice and flakey, not too thick, and its slight savoury-ness complemented the sweet creme brulee filling well. The creme brulee itself was yummy, the top cracked as we stabbed our spoons into it. Cracking the melted sugared top is always the fun part! Sash on the other hand found the tart confusing. According to her, it’s like she can’t figure out if it’s a tart or your typical creme brulee in a bowl. Tart? Not tart? Tart? Not tart?

I was a little disappointed that they’ve still not gotten their freezer. Their iced coffee has always been the best part of my visits to the Red Door Bakery. Well, this trip was a couple of months back, so hopefully by now they’ve gotten their freezer! Hehe.

Red Door Bakery - Goodwood on Urbanspoon


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