Mini burgers

Little Adelaide Burger Bar

I love discovering little gems that randomly just appear by wandering about Adelaide. Pretty sure that was how half of the Adelaide list was formed.

Gilles St market is one of the house’s favorite haunts. The girls and I, almost always try to make sure that we’re available to make a little excursion down. It’s one of our favourite places for second hand clothing. But the food section is always the first area we would head to before we began shopping.

It’s usually the same few food stalls, but once in a while a new stall would pop up. This time, the Little Adelaide Burger Bar popped up.

The menu

It was actually the big board that they used as a menu that caught my attention, and then the smell of burger patties cooking, and then the actual sight of the burgers. So far I’ve tried the Delux and Lamb burgers.

The first time we discovered the burger bar, Sash and I pretty much snagged up the last two burgers he had left. The guy at the grill told us that it was (at the time) their first time at the Gilles St market and wasn’t expecting such a good response. I take it was a sign that the burgers are good.

Apparently, Little Adelaide is actually a catering company. I gathered this from a stack of name cards they had by the counter. Yes, I make a good detective… I think.


I would consider their burgers more of a snack than a meal. The burgers were about half the size of your average burger at Hungry Jack’s. They were kinda like in between the size of a slider and the average sized burger. You’ll probably need two burgers to fill an empty stomach. That would also mean that you can try more than one of their burgers. Haha.


The Delux burger was yummy. The patty, moist and juicy, seasoned really well. The other condiments – lettuce, cheese and bacon, complemented the patty and rounded up its flavours. The bun, soft, with a hint of sweetness – typical of a Bread Top bun.


The Lamb burger with the mint yogurt was even better. Lamb almost always taste good with mint. I have a few friends who avoid lamb, reason being… you how sometimes if lamb isn’t seasoned/cooked well it leaves this smell/aftertaste in your mouth? Yeah, that’s why they avoid the meat. But there’s no such thing with this Lamb burger! Pity the burger was gone within two bites (or four if you have a tiny mouth like me).


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