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I know I am slow to join the fellow ranks of Instagrammers. But, but, but! I finally got myself an Instagram account after much pestering from my friends (i.e. peer pressure).

Spicy crab pasta. Bursting at the seams here. @gowiththeflo_chan #toomuchfood

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Okay, my Instagram feed isn’t all that exciting because I’ve only just started out. But oh well, I’ll slowly work on it.

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Belated greetings

Happy New Year, one and all! I know I’ve been MIA. Reason being that I’m actually back in Singapore for the summer, visiting family and friends so I haven’t been blogging much. In the mean time, here’s pictures of Dini the cat to appease angry readers. 🙂

Fancy French names

The very first time we attempted to pay Mulots Patisserie a visit, it was closed. Many weeks later, we made a second attempt and was successful this time.

There wasn’t much of a seating area in the little shop. There were about two tables in the shop, and another two by the street. Each table seats about two to three people each. So, instead of seating ourselves, we opted for takeaway instead. Sash and I took a couple of minutes to study their glass display, deciphering the french names of the various pastries and sweets they had.

I may enjoy eating and trying new food, but that doesn’t mean I am familiar with all the fancy foreign names of pastries and desserts, or even savouries. Obviously it took Sash and I awhile to figure out what we wanted to try. The lady behind the counter wasn’t very helpful, asking multiple times what we wanted and looked irritated each time we told her that we needed a few minutes more.

When we were finally ready, the lady had a frown on her face as she picked out the things we wanted from the glass display.

We didn’t wait long to try their macarons, and quickly opened up the plastic wrapping to pop one into our mouths. The macarons tasted stale and a little bit too chewy for my liking. We were instantly disappointed. The macarons tasted like they had been sitting in that glass cabinet for days.

We hoped the cakes we picked out would taste better. And quickly opened up the box the moment we got home. Again, another disappointment. The cakes tasted just as stale or worse than the macarons. We each took 2 bites of each cake and threw the rest away.

Utterly disappointed, we hunted down for a different dessert place to lift our spirits.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas is almost here! Have you tried By Blackbird’s Christmas cake yet? If you haven’t, you have to! It’s really soft, moist, with a slight hint of liqueur. Which I heard is really Jin’s dad’s liqueur. Chakey secretly told Sash and I this as she was hiding the bottle under her apron, showing it to us while we were there stuffing our faces with cake.

By Blackbird sells them it little slices, but you can custom order bigger ones (pictured here) for your Christmas celebration parties and share it with your family.

The cake is not overly sweet, but you get little sweet chewy surprises in the form of dried fruit and little gummy thingys. Plus that preserved fig that came on top of it… yums.

Chakey has been working on heaps of Christmassy goodies (gingerbread and mince pies to name a few!). The last time I was there, she was working on some pretty awesome gingerbread houses. I stole a crumb from their sample plate (no, I did not destroy her beautifully decorated gingerbread houses just to steal a taste), and I thought it was pretty good although I’m generally not a fan of ginger.

Be sure to check out all the Christmassy goodness that By Blackbird has to offer! Also, I heard that Jin and Chakey might be going on a short break over the summer, so be sure to eat your fill of Chakey’s creations before they disappear.

My previous post on By Blackbird: Here.

(This post sounds a little bit like an ad, but no, I wasn’t paid to write this)

The market that was


It was one of the few days that we had to ourselves, so Hills and I thought that we’d visit the Brickworks Market. We heard that it used to be the go-to place during the weekend. Unfortunately, time took its toll, and the place got old (literally) and business started to falter.

The place was obviously a far cry from its glory days. Only a small number of shops were left. Many of them have moved their businesses somewhere else. It was quiet and almost vacant. Whatever shops were left, were scattered around different areas of the relatively large piece of land. This made it seem quieter than it actually was.

The area with the most hustle and bustle, was where the fresh food stores were.

A poster store

Such a shame. The place had a lovely charm, a little bit of restoration might help bring back its heydays.

Belated Halloween

Hill’s costume

Hills had a Halloween party one weekend, and she made a jellyfish costume out of an umbrella, ribbons and fairy lights. I also helped her make a snack to bring to the party.

Cheeseball bats

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Bicycle on the wall

Sash abandoned me for Sydney, just when I found out that I would be getting a break from uni afterall. So, I arranged to meet some friends. Plus, it would have been a pity to see such good weather go to waste.

At the Haus

I rallied up a group of friends to head over to Hahndorf with me to try out a cafe that I had stumbled upon whilst my mum and brother were here, but never got to try. The cafe turned out to be more of a dessert cafe, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So we ventured off to The Haus.

That bicycle on the wall

It was a lovely sunny day, and they had a lovely outside sitting area, but we decided to sit inside to avoid getting sun burn. The staff were patient and friendly, introducing the various items on the menu because we had trouble deciding what to get. Everything sounded good.
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