‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas is almost here! Have you tried By Blackbird’s Christmas cake yet? If you haven’t, you have to! It’s really soft, moist, with a slight hint of liqueur. Which I heard is really Jin’s dad’s liqueur. Chakey secretly told Sash and I this as she was hiding the bottle under her apron, showing it to us while we were there stuffing our faces with cake.

By Blackbird sells them it little slices, but you can custom order bigger ones (pictured here) for your Christmas celebration parties and share it with your family.

The cake is not overly sweet, but you get little sweet chewy surprises in the form of dried fruit and little gummy thingys. Plus that preserved fig that came on top of it… yums.

Chakey has been working on heaps of Christmassy goodies (gingerbread and mince pies to name a few!). The last time I was there, she was working on some pretty awesome gingerbread houses. I stole a crumb from their sample plate (no, I did not destroy her beautifully decorated gingerbread houses just to steal a taste), and I thought it was pretty good although I’m generally not a fan of ginger.

Be sure to check out all the Christmassy goodness that By Blackbird has to offer! Also, I heard that Jin and Chakey might be going on a short break over the summer, so be sure to eat your fill of Chakey’s creations before they disappear.

My previous post on By Blackbird: Here.

(This post sounds a little bit like an ad, but no, I wasn’t paid to write this)


Happy belly!

What do you do when the food you want doesn’t come readily available at a store, food truck, restaurant or cafe? You stalk them online until you find out where they’ll be next. I’m sure we all have a friend who stalks people online, be it on Facebook or other social networking outlets. Well, I stalk pop-up food stalls and food trucks in Adelaide. Perhaps that would explain my lack of a social life? Oh wait, I have to have a social life in order to have people to stalk online. Right.

The Happy Motel pop-up booth

I’ve been eyeing The Happy Motel for a while. At first, I didn’t realise that they don’t actually have a fixed physical restaurant place. So I spent ages and ages combing through their website and Facebook page looking for their address and opening hours, only to realise much later – oh wait, they don’t have one. Oh. Now what? How am I going to get my little hands on their food? No! This is a disaster! The tragedy! Sob, sob. Cry, cry. Whine, whine. Boohoo. Life is so sad.

And then my internet stalking skills paid off. The Happy Motel was going to be at a Gourmet BBQ Festival at Rundle Park. Life is beautiful again!

Beef brisket bun

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Burgers & fries

We’ve been talking about visiting Pearl’s Diner ever since Burger Theory announced that they were going to start it. But, life got in the way, and we only got to visit the place recently.

Sash and I got there a little too early, I read the time wrongly and we arrived there an hour earlier than the time we had agreed upon with some friends. So we ended up just sitting in car in front of the diner chatting about random things. Our friends arrived soon after.

Burger No. 1

Our friends have never tried Burger Theory’s burgers. You should have heard us gasp… You’ve never what?? Dude! What is wrong with you?! How do you live your life?? 

We can be a little bit melodramatic, sometimes. Just sometimes!

So he ordered himself a Burger No.1 with chips. The amount of chips doesn’t look as sad when you get them in packet from the truck. The burger… just as good as I remember it coming from the Burger Theory truck.
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Bagel for you?

I have been curious about The Coffee Barun for quite some time because I kept coming across cafes proudly stating that their coffee beans come from, the one and only, Coffee Barun. Coffee Barun? What’s that? A little bit of googling revealed reviews claiming that they might possibly serve the best coffee in Adelaide.

Inside The Coffee Barun

Curious, I’ve made several attempts to get Sash to go with me. Perhaps, attempts and hints that were too subtle and feeble. We never went. And then, she left for Sydney to visit friends. Leaving me with one eating-buddy less, so I seeked others and this time was successful at convincing them to go with me.

The Coffee Barun roasts their coffee beans in the cafe itself. Literally, almost half of the floor space houses the coffee bean roasters. This area is cordoned off by a somewhat tallish counter, but you’re still able to watch the action go down if you want.

The coffee lived up to the heap I’ve been reading on the internet. The coffee was rich and well brewed. I secretly sighed a sigh of contentment. Mmmm… good coffee.

Eggs Royale

I got myself an Eggs Royale. Poached eggs, smoked salmon and wilted baby spinach seated upon a wholegrain bagel, topped with their very own hollandaise sauce. The bagel was warm to touch, I made a slit in the egg and watched the warm yoke slowly bleed out below the crown made up of a generous serving of smoked salmon. It being a coffee place and all, I wasn’t expecting much from the food. But The Coffee Barun exceeded my expectations. One word, yums.
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Girly catch ups

I love catch up sessions with girlfriends. So many interesting stories to hear. I stayed on campus during my first few years of uni and shared a unit with 4 other people. Out of the 4, I grew close to 3 of them. The 4th housemate kept changing every semester or so. But the rest of us chose to remain in the same unit together for quite some time. I’ve since moved off campus, but nevertheless, we’ve still kept in touch.

Many things have happened since we’ve all moved off campus, and I decided that it was time for a catch up session with the housemates. I took the liberty of picking a place and basically told them, okay people, let’s meet here!

The Stranded Store

At The Stranded Store, breakfast is only served till 11am (I think, I don’t remember! Sorry!) and then it moves on to a lunch menu.

I thought the place was simply decorated, it felt like a nice place to just chill and relax. The perfect place for a catch up session.

When we finally got ourselves settled down, we took such a long time deciding on what to eat because we were so busy talking to each other. The staff had to come back multiple times to check on us, before we were ready to order, but they were patient throughout.

Duck pasta with a fig salad

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The market that was


It was one of the few days that we had to ourselves, so Hills and I thought that we’d visit the Brickworks Market. We heard that it used to be the go-to place during the weekend. Unfortunately, time took its toll, and the place got old (literally) and business started to falter.

The place was obviously a far cry from its glory days. Only a small number of shops were left. Many of them have moved their businesses somewhere else. It was quiet and almost vacant. Whatever shops were left, were scattered around different areas of the relatively large piece of land. This made it seem quieter than it actually was.

The area with the most hustle and bustle, was where the fresh food stores were.

A poster store

Such a shame. The place had a lovely charm, a little bit of restoration might help bring back its heydays.

Ola Amigo

La Cantina Co

I don’t remember how I found out about this food truck. But after Burger Theory, I was keen to try the food from the sudden influx of food trucks (actually only 3 that I know of at the moment). So I stalked them on Facebook and on Twitter, keeping track of their whereabouts hoping that one day I’d be able to try their food.

And then one fateful morning, they tweeted that they’d be in Unley for some Mexican festival thing happening in the area. So I dragged Hills along, hunting down an orange food truck.
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