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Mini burgers

Little Adelaide Burger Bar

I love discovering little gems that randomly just appear by wandering about Adelaide. Pretty sure that was how half of the Adelaide list was formed.

Gilles St market is one of the house’s favorite haunts. The girls and I, almost always try to make sure that we’re available to make a little excursion down. It’s one of our favourite places for second hand clothing. But the food section is always the first area we would head to before we began shopping.

It’s usually the same few food stalls, but once in a while a new stall would pop up. This time, the Little Adelaide Burger Bar popped up.

The menu

It was actually the big board that they used as a menu that caught my attention, and then the smell of burger patties cooking, and then the actual sight of the burgers. So far I’ve tried the Delux and Lamb burgers.

The first time we discovered the burger bar, Sash and I pretty much snagged up the last two burgers he had left. The guy at the grill told us that it was (at the time) their first time at the Gilles St market and wasn’t expecting such a good response. I take it was a sign that the burgers are good.

Apparently, Little Adelaide is actually a catering company. I gathered this from a stack of name cards they had by the counter. Yes, I make a good detective… I think.
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Let’s just sit and chill

Hello internet! I am alive and back from my long hiatus (sort of). I’ve got to admit, it was a good break. Speaking of breaks, there was once Sash and I decided to pop into Red Door Bakery along King William St for brunch. I love their iced coffee and was hoping to get some. Unfortunately, at the time, they’ve still not gotten their freezer, thus no yummy ice coffee for me 😦

Red Door Bakery (King William)

The atmosphere and layout of this outlet is rather different from their Croydon outlet. Everything’s really simple and minimalistic. Simple grey walls, clean glass displays etc. The Croydon outlet has a little more of the homely-cosy vibe. However, this outlet has a lot more seating, always a plus.


We’ve tried their pies before. So we decided that we should try some of their other stuff. So we got ourselves on of their sandwiches to share. Every since we’ve embarked on this eating list, I’ve got to admit that I have gotten a little more adventurous in what I’m willing to eat. We ordered a pork and apple sandwich. In the past I’d be like… Pork? Apple? Meat? Fruit? Together??? No, thanks. Now, I’d be like… Pork? Apple? Not something I’d have together, but okay, let’s give it a try. Continue reading

Belated greetings

Happy New Year, one and all! I know I’ve been MIA. Reason being that I’m actually back in Singapore for the summer, visiting family and friends so I haven’t been blogging much. In the mean time, here’s pictures of Dini the cat to appease angry readers. 🙂

Waffle Kingdom

I remember there was excitement in the air when Waffle King just opened up on Sturt Road. It was close to Westfield Marion, which was close to uni, so all the kids living up on campus were talking about it. I heard many friends gushed about their delicious waffles, but it took me several months to check the place out. In fact, when I finally got to visit the place, the hype had died down.

The owner of the place used to make waffles for places such as Bracegirdles, but has decided to set up his own waffle place calling himself the ‘Waffle King’.

Watch them make the waffles & crepes

The first time I was there, the service was… as another diner puts it on Urbanspoon ‘snotty’. My girlfriends and I were seated by this large mural that the owner had hired an artist to paint on the wall. He had explained that the king in the middle was, in fact, him. I guess that’s where the name Waffle King came from. Then he pointed out he had paid several thousands to have the mural painted. Right, noted, well good for you. Then he proceeded to give me a long speech about how I should look out for my chair and not destroy his precious mural. I replied that I would be careful, but was already starting to feel a little put off. And then, he proceeded to watch me like a hawk. I would like to enjoy my waffle in peace, thank you very much.

Although the waffles were good. I didn’t like how I was being watched like some sort of criminal. It’s not like my whole purpose of the visit was to destroy his mural. I never returned to the place for about a year or so.

Driving past it one day, Sash pointed it out and stated that we should add that place to our Adelaide List. So up on the list it went.

Smoked salmon crepe

Smoked salmon crepe

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Fancy French names

The very first time we attempted to pay Mulots Patisserie a visit, it was closed. Many weeks later, we made a second attempt and was successful this time.

There wasn’t much of a seating area in the little shop. There were about two tables in the shop, and another two by the street. Each table seats about two to three people each. So, instead of seating ourselves, we opted for takeaway instead. Sash and I took a couple of minutes to study their glass display, deciphering the french names of the various pastries and sweets they had.

I may enjoy eating and trying new food, but that doesn’t mean I am familiar with all the fancy foreign names of pastries and desserts, or even savouries. Obviously it took Sash and I awhile to figure out what we wanted to try. The lady behind the counter wasn’t very helpful, asking multiple times what we wanted and looked irritated each time we told her that we needed a few minutes more.

When we were finally ready, the lady had a frown on her face as she picked out the things we wanted from the glass display.

We didn’t wait long to try their macarons, and quickly opened up the plastic wrapping to pop one into our mouths. The macarons tasted stale and a little bit too chewy for my liking. We were instantly disappointed. The macarons tasted like they had been sitting in that glass cabinet for days.

We hoped the cakes we picked out would taste better. And quickly opened up the box the moment we got home. Again, another disappointment. The cakes tasted just as stale or worse than the macarons. We each took 2 bites of each cake and threw the rest away.

Utterly disappointed, we hunted down for a different dessert place to lift our spirits.

Mulots Patisserie on Urbanspoon

The little bicycle cart

I just had two cups of coffee back to back, and am feeling a little bit too buzzed at the moment. Omg, so many things running through my mind right now and I can barely string coherent thoughts together. I might be spazzing a bit. I am such a lightweight. Oh goodness. Anyway, moving on with life.

I love the whole street food culture that is slowly gaining momentum in Adelaide. Street food culture has been a major player in Asia for a very long time. Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Japan are some Asian countries that possess a really robust street food culture.

The Veggie Velo cart

I got turned away the first time I stumbled upon the Veggie Velo cart because they had a long line of people waiting for food and they were running out of ingredients for their burgers. I walked away with an empty tummy. Then I saw them again at the Gilles Street Market, and I made a beeline towards their little bicycle cart.

Perhaps the name of the cart already gives it away, all the burgers offered by Veggie Velo are vegetarian or vegan friendly. They offer two different burgers, a quinoa one and a haloumi with mushroom one. The last time I tried quinoa (in Melbourne) I found the taste of it peculiar, so I opted for the haloumi with mushroom burger.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas is almost here! Have you tried By Blackbird’s Christmas cake yet? If you haven’t, you have to! It’s really soft, moist, with a slight hint of liqueur. Which I heard is really Jin’s dad’s liqueur. Chakey secretly told Sash and I this as she was hiding the bottle under her apron, showing it to us while we were there stuffing our faces with cake.

By Blackbird sells them it little slices, but you can custom order bigger ones (pictured here) for your Christmas celebration parties and share it with your family.

The cake is not overly sweet, but you get little sweet chewy surprises in the form of dried fruit and little gummy thingys. Plus that preserved fig that came on top of it… yums.

Chakey has been working on heaps of Christmassy goodies (gingerbread and mince pies to name a few!). The last time I was there, she was working on some pretty awesome gingerbread houses. I stole a crumb from their sample plate (no, I did not destroy her beautifully decorated gingerbread houses just to steal a taste), and I thought it was pretty good although I’m generally not a fan of ginger.

Be sure to check out all the Christmassy goodness that By Blackbird has to offer! Also, I heard that Jin and Chakey might be going on a short break over the summer, so be sure to eat your fill of Chakey’s creations before they disappear.

My previous post on By Blackbird: Here.

(This post sounds a little bit like an ad, but no, I wasn’t paid to write this)