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Just along the beach

It was a poor attempt to exercise. But the whole house headed off to the beach for a walk. We walked from Seacliff to Brighton and then back again.

The sun in our faces

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Perfect beach weather. We decided to walk along the shore towards Brighton, then walk on the foot paths back to the car to shake off the sand on our feet.

Brighton Jetty

The thing was, it wasn’t all sand towards Bright Jetty, we had to wade in water at certain parts. And I didn’t really want to get wet because I didn’t have extra clothes with me. None of us did. As we approached the part where people were wading across a short ‘channel’ type thing, Sash tried to reassure me that I wouldn’t get wet because the person ahead was only ankle-deep in water. That person was probably 6 feet tall, mind you, I am pathetically small. Where that person’s ankle would be where my knees are. Sure enough, when I got into the water, the water was somewhere between my ankles and knees. When we reached another one, I was practically screaming ‘That person’s knees would be where my hips reach!’. I somehow managed to escape dry though.

Nobody wants a photo with Sash. Hahaha

Fishing while the sun's setting


Life pretty much goes on

Speech Pathology, Flinders University

Life goes on, the sun still shines (occasionally given Adelaide’s current weather), the wind still blows, lectures still go on, I still need to eat and sleep, and I am still as round as ever (dammit). Pretty much… everything is still the same. Except that I can’t go ‘I can just ask dad about this later…’ anymore. Can’t tap into his knowledge anymore. Darn.

Am looking at getting a new camera since the current one seems to be dying on me! Sad. Still tempted to get a ukulele. Still wishing that I had more money so that I can shop. I have been to the gym a couple of times! So proud of myself. Hehe. And I have started driving lessons again.

A few days more and it’ll be the mid-sem break. Heading to Melbourne to bug Flo, Jojo and A. After that it’ll be a mad chaos to get assignments done again. And then exams! And then Hills’ Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂 And then it’s summer and it’ll be time to head back to Singapore. But before that will be the huge pack up to clear out my room. Not looking forward to that part. Eeks.

By the way, that speechie jumper is super comfy. Just throwing it out there. Hahaha.

(What, we speechies are very proud of our field ok. Lol.)

Oh yeah, I’m currently on Twitter as well, which has been included onto my sidebar. Because I am wu liao like that. Heh.

Too short

Therefore I shouldn’t play netball. Especially in this country filled with tall people. LOL


So, I have carrots, cabbage and potatoes in the fridge and chicken in the freezer. What do you think I can cook with all those to make a decent meal with that? I’ve had so much pasta lately that I should detox all that pasta out of my system.

Something really simple would be good.

Maybe just soup with some rice or noodles?


And the right side of my body is aching from playing badminton yesterday. 😦 Need to exercise more.

Le Sigh.

I slept at 1am-ish last night, and woke up at 10.30am this morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep, I remembered dreaming. The dream was so strange, so strange that I can’t seem to remember it after I woke up. Tossed and turned, hoping to fall back to sleep again but obviously failed. After the girls decided to leave me un-entertained after our Skype conversation, I was left to stare at my room walls. I WAS SERIOUSLY BORED. Like, how can I be bored on a weekend?! HOW CAN HOW CAN?! It just doesn’t make sense. I never get bored on a weekend in Singapore (or Shanghai for that matter). NEVER! (then again, ok, maybe a few times but still…) And yet this strange feeling has caught me unprepared. Er, unprepared in a way.

So, I…

  • Immersed myself into the DVD world that AA lent me
  • Stopped watching the DVDs and went on to stare at the ceiling fan while lying on my bed
  • Called TD but he failed to provide me with anything to occupy myself. Boo
  • Read my mobile’s instruction manual (what in the world was I thinking?!)
  • Received a text from AA saying that she was bored too!
  • Realised that my housemates have magically disappeared and that the place was amazingly quiet
  • Decided to take a walk to the main campus with AA
  • Terrorised the ducks
  • Avoided stepping on disgusting duck shit
  • Walked further into the campus to find this awesome carpark with a view
  • Regretted not taking my camera along
  • Went on to walk further down the road
  • Realised that the road was bringing us back to the bridge again
  • Went back to the Village
  • Had dinner at AA’s place
  • AA asked why I call her AA on my blog and not AK (her last name starts with K). It’s easier to type ‘AA’ than ‘AK’ because ‘A’ and ‘K’ are so far apart on the keyboard! Haha
  • Went back and took a shower
  • Zoned out for a while
  • Called TD, but he didn’t pick up
  • Started making a stupid list of the things I’ve done today
  • TD called back but couldn’t entertain me. Boo.
  • Almost called A because I’m that bored, just to disturb her

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