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Happy Birthday

Stop being such a bum.


Dear Daddy,

If you were still with us here, you would have turned another year older.


You’re still sorely missed. So many things have happened since your last birthday. Today’s day 468 since you’ve been gone. Have you met Pastor Henry up there yet? We got the sudden news that he left us whilst away on a mission trip to India. I told him to give you a hug when he sees you, did you receive that hug?

Dad & Mum

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All grown up

Another one turns 21. All grown up.

French food

Had snails for the very first time. I think they taste like button mushrooms? Haha.

They had to remind you that you were in a French restaurant/bistrot

The waitress who was serving us had a French accent and their pork fillet with prune and brandy sauce was really good!

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Jun!

Birthday surprises are always fun. When you’re the one involved in the surprise. Haha.

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And the aging continues…

Thank you, everyone who sent me their wishes and lovely gifts! Felt so loved! Haha.

This was how I spent my birthday this year. Can’t believe it’s already the new year and I just turned another year older… AGAIN! Sigh.

Monopoly Deal!

Kinda can’t help the fact that most people’s birthdays come annually huh? Oh well.

The gang planned a day of roller blading and cycling for my birthday but… unfortunately the weather refused to cooperate with us, so it was Plan B – Monopoly Deal.

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Belated pictures

Village Photo 2010

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Week 12 of semester 2!

Week 11 may not have been one of my busiest weeks (since starting uni), despite the fact that I was procrastinating doing one of my assignments, but I still feel so tired from it. Anyway, week 11 of sem 2 ended on a happy note. Only because at the end of that week, there were a few things that made me smile. Continue reading