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Of rich coffees

Everyone needs Converses

My first thought when we got to A Mother’s Milk was that everyone who works here seems to wear skinny jeans and Converse sneakers.

A Mother’s Milk

A Mother’s Milk is dedicated to serving good coffee. It can get pretty packed, we had to wait about 10 mins to get a seat, which wasn’t too bad. The guy behind the counter told the floor staff to lookout for a table for us, so we didn’t have to wait long.
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Great Ocean Road with the family (Part 2)

The second day onwards of our journey was when we got to see the attractions of the GOR. Because the Great Ocean Road is such a popular route amongst tourists, the attractions were clearly marked with signs along the way. You don’t really need a GPS to  show you the way, just follow the signs.

The Grotto

The Grotto was the first place we visited. There is a pretty lookout to the ocean, and the majestic view of the waves crashing onto the cliffs. So while you’re up on the lookout, you can hear the loud crash of the waves. And then when you follow the steps down to where this keyhole rock pool is, it suddenly becomes so serene and peaceful.

The beautiful hues of the water

The Great Ocean Road attractions are rather straightforward. There’s this really long road that goes along the coast where all the attractions (The 12 apostles, the London arch etc) are. You just drive long this road and turn right every 3 minutes or so and stop to admire the rock formations.
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Sit back and soak in the warmth

We heard of this cafe via Gram Magazine, if you’ve never heard of Gram Magazine, click here to visit their website.

Soaking in the sun

Bomb cafe was pretty full when we arrived, although the sun was out, the little garden space at the back was in the shade, so it was little too chilly to be sitting outside. So the staff suggested a place by their cosy fireplace (which had a low coffee table – difficult to eat from) where three other people were sitting with their coffees and magazines, and told us that they’d lookout for a table should one freed up at the front. We moved to another seat with a coffee table at the front (sunshine!), then moved again to a proper table which made eating much easier.
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Sushi in burger form

Sash gushed about this place for ages, and if she found out a friend’s going away to Melbourne for a short trip or something, she would without missing a beat, insist that the friend visits Sushi Burger.

The concept of using sushi rice for buns, making a ‘sushi burger’ isn’t a new concept to me. If you’re familiar with MOS Burger, they have a wide variety of rice burgers on their menu.

I visited Sushi Burger with my family while we were in Melbourne because I’ve heard Sash mention this place countless times.

My Sushi Burger

The sushi burgers come in little paper packages, they cost about 4 to 5 dollars each, and are rather small to make a complete meal. But then again, they were never meant to be a full main course. I ordered a raw salmon sushi burger and a softshell crab sushi burger. My mum and brother ordered a set meal of one sushi burger and a small bowl of ramen/udon each.

Inhaling their noodles

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Great Ocean Road with the family (Part 1)

Mum and my brother were in Australia during my mid-year break. And we went on a a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road. But before we even got onto the Great Ocean Road, we had to go through the Limestone coast, so we spent the first day exploring caves.

Limestone caves

We visited Naracoorte Caves Conservation and the cave we visited was known as the Victoria Fossil Cave. This cave is great for the whole family, there is no need to crawl or squeeze through tiny openings. Everything’s nice and wide for you to walk around comfortably. There were also no steep ladders, maybe just a couple of steps to get into the cave, but that’s about it, the stairs weren’t even especially steep ones, just the regular ones you see about the city.

Bones of animal that fell into the cave

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Coffee for deadmen?

Mum and the brother came for a visit and we went on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road, arriving in Melbourne at the end. Whilst there, I jumped at the opportunity to cover some of the places in listed on the Melbourne list, that I didn’t get to go to the last time I was in Melbourne.

Deadmen’s Espresso

The menu

We had originally planned to pop into the South Melbourne market, because it looked interesting in a Melbourne tourism brochure. What the brochure failed to tell us was that it was only open on certain days. And the day we chose to visit it, happened to be one of the many days that it would be closed. Ugh. Melbourne tourism, FAIL. The opening days would probably one of the most important things to include in a tourism brochure apart from the address, no?
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Happy Birthday

Stop being such a bum.