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Dear Daddy, wish you were here

Dearest Daddy,

Today’s the 103rd day since you’ve left us all, since the fateful day that I got that call, since I actually bawled my eyes out. But really, it only feels like it just happened yesterday. And today is also your birthday. Happy birthday, Dad. I never thought that you’d leave us so soon.


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Daddy update


Daddy update

Okay, so, here’s what happened that led up to my dad’s recent hospitalisation…

I was getting ready to head out to meet a couple of friends for a movie, then I would assume suddenly my dad started having trouble breathing ’cause my mum called me over. When I got to the room they were in, my dad was taking really heavy laboured breaths. Imagine that you’ve just finished running a marathon or something and you’re panting, but harder. At first, we thought maybe phlegm was obstructing his passage way or something, so we rolled him onto his side and tried ‘patting’ his back like the way old people like to do with your palm cupped to try to get the phlegm out. No use. Propped him up into a sitting position and he calmed down slightly. Mum measured his blood pressure and realised that it had dipped. After contemplating for awhile, my mum decided to called the ambulance. Paramedics came took blood pressure blablabla and then whisked him off to the hospital where we were told he has pneumonia and will have to be admitted.

So now the dad is comfortably sleeping with an oxygen mask on to help him breathe better. He looks much more at ease now than he was back home. Probably ’cause he doesn’t need to struggle to breathe and they’ve given him something to control the chest pains (pneumonia can be really painful!). I haven’t heard him ‘ah’ or anything that shows signs of discomfort yet, so all’s good! Not sure when he will be able to be discharged yet, at the moment the focus is to tackle the infection of the lungs first. Guess he might have to be in the hospital for awhile till the infection clears up.

It is now 5.30am and I’m at the hospital to entertain my dad in case he’s awake (my dad seems to be living in the US timezone or something, he is awake at weird hours, like, 1am-ish and sleeps during the day). I was here in the afternoon, left at around 10.00pm, took a shower, watched some TV and then returned to the hospital at 2.00am-ish and I feel like having some bubble tea. Mum is currently resting at home. The brother managed to get out of camp to see the dad too, but have to book in again in the evening today. Tsk tsk, NS boy. At least they let him out.

Daddy update

Dad has been hospitalised for pneumonia.

Edit: Dad is in stable condition and placed on antibiotics

Daddy update

Red lantern

This picture has nothing to do with this post. Haha.

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Still don’t have all the Sydney photos. Have to wait till I get back to Singapore. Yes, I’ll be going back to the sunny island to visit daddy dearest, whom, I’ve been told, is getting weaker.

Daddy update

Because I’ve got several people asking me about my dad, and I’ve only just received news so… here’s the long awaited update!

The doctors have decided that there is nothing much they can do as they’ve tried everything possible – chemotherapy, surgery yadayadayada… so he isn’t on any kind of treatment and all we can do now is just to wait and see what happens next.

Mum says dad is just sleeping lots nowadays and grandma says he is rather weak.

All we can do now is really just pray. Yup. The family is fasting on Sunday to pray for dad. 🙂

And because I know a few of you will ask: I’m fine, don’t worry!